Signs that she is not interested in you

Many times men are not able to interpret the signals of women.

They lack the ability to decipher the different responses that women make when they come into contact with them.

This is the main obstacle in his attempt to seduce her.

Signs that she is not interested in you

Signs that she is not interested in you

The different responses of women to men is a field that should be more studied by men and in which men should put more effort to learn, know and understand. This skill saves time and effort when it comes to seducing women.

One of the main problems that men face is that without this tool of understanding about the different forms of women’s responses, they waste time, energy and resources and may even fall into the situation of having an enmity with women to which they want to seduce.

Women always have the constant need to try to understand men. They also hope that men understand them and leave them alone or seduce them.

Now I will share with you some of the signs that a woman gives during a date or conversation to make a man understand that she’s not interested in him and wants to leave him alone.

Signs that she is not interested in you

1-There is no eye contact:

One of the most widespread beliefs is that when a woman looks elsewhere she is nervous because she is interested in you.

But it is very likely that if you talk to a woman and she does not establish eye contact with you, she is not interested in you.

Clear evidence that she is really interested in you is that she seeks to make eye contact with you.

2- Her body does not point to you:

Generally, if a woman is interested in you will look for the way to be close, both physically and mentally.

Men love to physically approach the woman they are seducing.

If you notice that she continues to move away from you, she is not interested.

3-Cross arms:

In body language crossing the arms is a sign of wanting to go unnoticed.

If a woman is interested in you then she will do the opposite.

4-She backs down:

Men like to get closer and closer to the woman they are talking to. This is an innate signal that demonstrates control.

If a woman walks away and throws herself back every time the man approaches her then it is another sign that she is not interested.

If this happens during a conversation it’s time to finish it.

5-Starts looking at different points in the room while you talk to her:

If during the conversation you notice that instead of answering you she begins to look around then you can take for granted that she is NOT interested in you.

6-If she just nods or shakes her head instead of giving direct answers:

Women generally like to express in some way what they feel and many are conversational.

If you initiate a conversation with a woman and note that she does not establish a fluent conversation with you and does not verbalize her answers then she is not interested in you.

7-Gives answers with a single word:

If a woman is interested in what you talk will be talkative and talk about it. People like to talk about themselves and women are not the exception.

But if you notice that the woman you’re talking to answers you in monosyllables then this is a very clear signal that she is not interested in talking to you.

If you notice all these things in a woman you are talking to, retire before she begins to feel harassed by you.

Do not impose yourself, it does not matter if she does not like you, there will always be other women that will find you interesting.