Signs that reveal the love of a woman

12 Signs that reveal the love of a woman

12 Signs that reveal the love of a woman


Without a doubt the love every woman expresses does it differently, there are those who like to suffer, others prefer indifference, however, the girls have a very particular way of showing their love. Although they emit certain signals that will undoubtedly leave their feelings exposed.

Signs that reveal the love of a woman

Do not ever play “she loves me” or “she doesn’t love me”, or go crazy thinking. If she cares about you, her behavior will show it. Know the signs that reveal the love of a woman:

1. Think about the things she has done for you

A woman does not strive for a man if she does not have feelings for him. If she has taken your dog for a walk when you were sick or driven to the airport when you needed a taxi, shows that care about you.

2. She pays attention to your conversations

If she loves you, she will be interested in what you’re saying and really participate in the discussion. She will maintain eye contact and ask questions. And it will be as if she were enjoying your conversation.

3. Watch her body language

Staring into your eyes, leaning towards you when you speak and looking for reasons to touch you are just some of the signs that she cares.

4. Find out what she tells your friends and family about you

If this is possible, do it. A woman in love talks a lot about her man, and say good things about him.

5. Always wants to be with you

No matter the day, time, place or circumstance, she just wants to be with you always. Being by your side gives her an infinite happiness, which is noted from far away, and as expected, her smile always betray her. Not to mention that woman misses you like no other has done, but of course that does not mean that she’ll call all day.

6. She loves to touch you

Have you noticed that she is always touching you? There is nothing more to say, she loves you. Whether she holds your hand, arm, touches your cheeks, hair, stomach, knee or any other part of your body.

There is an instinct about her that just makes her want to be touching you all the time and that is called True Love.

7. When she looks at you always smiles

There is no doubt that some say the look is the mirror of the soul and when that look is accompanied by a cute smile, you’ll simply know how to recognize it.

8. She calls you to know how you are

She does not need excuses to do it, she does it because she’s truly interested in you and is not afraid to show her love.

A girl when she really loves you, always look for the way to be in constant contact with you.

9. Feels jealous

This is simply inevitable because no woman likes to know that someone else hang around her partner. Although she not always tells you she feels jealous when you talk about how beautiful or cute your friend is, colleague, boss, etc.

10. Has details with you

So in the case of a card made by her or a beautiful shirt purchased in the most prestigious store, a woman in love seeks to make you feel special and shows you how much she loves you.

11. She gives you your place

No matter who is that important call from, she always gives you your place and is never ashamed of you. When someone calls her she always speaks your name, avoiding the famous “I am with a friend” because for her you’re much more than that.

12. She trusts you

No matter what people say about you, she trusts your word and in what you both have. When a woman really loves she does not need to call you all day to know what you’re doing, she does not need to monitor each of your steps, or obsesses creating false ideas in her head, much less believes in all the gossips around you, she trusts you and therefore respects your space.

And there are many more, but remember that every woman is different and each handles her personal language. But among so many abstract signals, they are easy to understand. It is very simple: When they want they do it.

There were some of the Signs that a woman certainly loves you and will help you find out better.

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