Signs that indicate that your friend is in love with you

On many occasions, the feelings we have for a friend can transcend and become something different.

Even if you think you have a solid friendship, you end up realizing that your friend feels something more for you.

Signs that indicate that your friend is in love with you

Signs that indicate that your friend is in love with you

For fear of ruining the friendship, you may prefer not to say anything, but these are some signs that indicate if a woman is in love

Signs that indicate that your friend is in love with you

1. Body language, looks, and smiles.

Although we do not say things with words, we can transmit what we feel through body language and looks, even with a smile.

The truth is that it is not difficult to decipher if a woman is in love, you just need to pay attention.

If you notice that your friend is watching you for long periods of time or makes a lot of eye contact, she may be wanting to tell you that she likes you.

If she smiles more than normal, it’s another clear signal.

2. More attention than necessary.

There is no doubt that women tend to pay more attention to details, however, when feelings transcend friendship, attention increases even more.

If she remembers all the stories you have told her, she knows everything about you and is always interested in knowing more, it can mean that she is really interested in you in another way.

3. Flirt and body contact.

If you notice that she constantly makes you compliments, is not only a sign that she knows your qualities and likes them, but she may also be feeling something else.

If she is always giving you compliments or making you feel good and begins to increase physical contact, from pushing you playfully to a subtle contact of hands or shoulders or silly fights, she might like you.

4. Unfounded jealousy.

If when you speak to other women or introduce her to someone she does not have the best reaction, it can not only mean that she is overprotective but also has feelings for you and find it difficult to accept the other women in your life.

5. She is always present.

All your friends are interested in your life and want to be present at the most important moments or when you need them most.

But if she is always aware of you, she writes to you daily and is there to give you a hand, it can be a sign that you are very important to her and that she sees you as a very important part of her life.

It is not easy to realize or process that a friend has feelings for us, however, it is important to try not to hurt her, respect her feelings and evaluate how you feel about it, you can end up realizing that you also want something more and if that does not happen to try to do something to preserve friendship.