Signs that indicate she wants to have sex with you

The sexual tension increases and the chemistry rise unexpectedly.

You do not stop thinking how beautiful she looks with that dress and the security that she carries with her provokes you even more.

She stares into your eyes as you speak and from time to time, she slides her gaze to your lips to make you a little more nervous than you already are.

On the previous dates you had physical contact, you have already tasted the sweetness of her lips and you are dying to do it again.

Not only that: you know that this time you want something more than a kiss.

The desire to travel every inch of her skin consume you inside and at the same time, a doubt invades your calm.

Could it be that she is feeling the same, or everything you think is just an illusion?

A castle in the air.

Pay attention to these 6 signs that indicate if she is ready to have sex with you:

Signs that indicate she wants to have sex with you


1. Physical contact increases.


Touching another person can be a sign of affection, support or comfort.

However, there are forms of physical contact that result in a subtle invitation to get closer and closer to that special person.

Pay special attention to where she directs when you speak: if her limbs point towards you or she touches you subtly, she is waiting for you to do the same.

If her hugs are becoming more intense and lasting, while taking any opportunity to talk to you and make physical contact, it’s time to move on to the next level.

2. Virtual conversations go up in tone.


An advantage of conversations on the Internet is the possibility of adopting a more comfortable and uninhibited position before anyone with whom you interact on the Internet, especially if it is your crush.

If you notice that the selfies she sends you are less and less innocent, the talk touches sexual issues and both are becoming more direct, she may be taking the initiative to make the desires that she hides behind a screen come true.

3. Pay attention to her outfit.


An unequivocal signal when it comes to the first time is what she’s wearing.

If she is ready to burn in pleasure with you, without any taboos, her look will have been totally thought of for that first sexual encounter.

Look at the details: if she’s wearing shoes taller than usual, her personal arrangement is that of a special occasion and if her underwear forms a set, you can be sure that she will try everything that night.

4. “I dreamed with you”.


A classic that should never be overlooked if you are really interested in her, especially when the obligatory question, “what?”, Is accompanied by a refusal on your part, leaving a halo of mystery and romantic nervousness.

Once you have advanced in physical contact, a “dreamed with you” can be a safe way to have sex for the first time.

The truth of the dream is not the most important, but the signal that she is impatient to take the next step.

5. Proposes plans that may end in sex.


Watches movies in your room, dine alone in your apartment or take advantage of the afternoon when you will be left alone at home, are just some examples of trying to find the perfect situation to have sex with you for the first time.

Of course, her propositions will not be clear enough if you are not an observer or strive to read between the lines her real intention.


6. She puts pretexts to stay together.


It’s late and it’s raining, but contrary to what always happens, she does not dismiss you at the door of her house.

Instead, she proposes to stay on the pretext of the rain, insecurity or danger that involves you leaving at that time.

The same can happen after partying or when she’s visiting your apartment.

The message is clear: she wants to spend the night with you and any pretext will be valid if you also wish it.

In sex, nothing is written.