Signs That A Woman Suffers Jealousy In Silence

When a woman is jealous but does not show it, it shows in her body language.

Do you want to know how? Here we tell you.

Jealousy for any reason is exposed with cries and complaints, causes breakups in couples, but when a woman is jealous and does not claim, does not scream, it is because she does not want to exploit, but her body language gives her away.

A woman who is jealous marks her territory with certain attitudes but there are other women who prefer silence, which in truth is when you have to be on alert because you never know when they will explode.

Suffering jealousy significantly harms the relationship, but mainly the person who suffers it since it enters a toxic circle of jealousy that only she can leave, these are people who do not even trust their own shadow.

Signs That A Woman Suffers Jealousy In Silence

1. Silent Jealousy.

When a woman takes the extreme of her jealousy inside her, she tends to get depressed and leads a double life (as far as emotions are concerned), they take on the role of “I do not want to explode because things will not go well”.

The main sign that she is jealous is her attitude change, that when you ask her what’s wrong with you?

She tells you “nothing”, but the tone of voice is drier.

2. She ignores you.

A woman who suffers from jealousy in silence manifests it by ignoring you, that’s the way it is.

As soon as she sees that she did not like how that friend arrived and greeted you, she immediately keeps away from you, or invents that her head hurts, so as not to confront you, she prefers to keep silent about the detail that changed her attitude and plans.

3. She bites her lips.

This signal is very clear, immediately the woman tends to bite her lips when she sees something she does not like or causes nerves due to discomfort, she starts to bite her lips and her breathing changes in frequency, most likely she tries to leave the place where you are or tells you that she no longer want to be in that place under any pretext.

4. Change of humor.

This symptom of jealousy is an emotional phenomenon that some can control but others can not, a woman who can not control herself, immediately changes her mood, she becomes tense and unbearable, anything bothers her, but she is not able to tell you that she is jealous for a specific event.

5. Imagine the worst.

A woman who suffers sickly jealousy in silence usually imagines extreme stories, where a greeting to her boyfriend from another woman means intimacy with that person.

The expressions of the body are very clear because even the pulse of the heart is accelerated or the jealous person begins to sweat.

All the previous signs fall within the frame of distrust and lack of communication in the couple, so if you as a man notice some changes in her, tell her to believe in you, that clarifying misunderstandings is how a relationship advances