Signs That A Woman Stopped Loving You

When we live a long relationship, of many years, we believe that we have found the right person, that there will no longer be someone to supplant that place, that nobody knows you better than her.

You have endured many fights, problems, your love is really strong … but recently she has started to behave “weird”, she is still kind but there is “something” that is very far from you.

If you had the suspicion that your girlfriend could stop loving you, this entry will help you to clarify your doubts.

Women have a complicated language to interpret, we know that we can not generalize them because they are all a different universe, but they do share symptoms when they stop loving.

Today we present 8 signs to which you must pay attention.

Signs That A Woman Stopped Loving You

1. Stops thinking about as a couple.

A woman imagines and creates illusions in your mind, but when her partner is no longer a protagonist and perhaps does not appear in those thoughts, it is that she lost interest.

It is very sad but, her man stops appearing in her thoughts of the future, she visualizes them without him and she feels that it is better.

How can I find out? Simple, ask her about a future plan and see if she answers in the singular form or if she includes you in her project.

2. When she wakes up she thinks that every day is “one more day”.

When there is love, she wakes up, looks and caresses her partner in bed. She kisses him and gives him the “good morning” thinking about waking up with him one more day and write one more page on the book of life, but if she stopped doing this for a long time (eye, it has to be continuous, do not be scared if one day she woke up in a bad mood or with discomfort).

3. Does not miss her partner.

When you are not at home, she does not miss you and she feels better alone.

She forgets that you are not there and if for some time she thinks: “Now he’s going to arrive.” She feels that she does not want that to happen and prefers to remain calm and alone.

4. No longer enjoy a meal together, never.

Those meals or dinners that you used to have with him, do not exist anymore. Now the meals are boring of easy cooking and zero conversation.

What happens and what is said at a table can say a lot about a relationship.

5. You see that, when you’re having a good time, she’s far away from you.

Her life begins to look for other ways, looks for places or moments to smile and you are not part of it.

Here comes the individualist ideology (like when I was without you).

6. Unconsciously stops worrying about whether her boyfriend is okay or where he is.

It is not that she is a bad person, only that she has stopped worrying about what her partner is doing.

There comes a time when he ceases to be important to her, just like that and begins to think more about herself.

7. When you say goodbye to her, she does not feel anything.

If there are times when you leave or you stop seeing each other for a few days, the situation does not matter, when you say goodbye, she stays the same and even thinks …
Good! He has gone for a few days.

You must pay close attention to these gestures to find this out.

8. Begins to project herself with a new love.

Returns to grow ideas and illusions with some person that perhaps she has known before, or not, she simply imagines with someone returning to feel the feeling of love and smiling of happiness again.

How to find out?

You will feel that at times her thoughts are diverted, she will only answer, “Nothing, matters of work”, but if this attitude is constant, you must start a conversation with her.

Do not forget that the best way to find out if a woman stopped loving you is to confront her, looking her in the eye and betting on the trust that the love you have (or had) deserves.