Signs that a woman really loves you

There are certain specific signals that indicate when a woman is really in love.

Do you know which ones they are? Here we tell you:

Signs that a woman really loves you

1. They always want to be with you.


This is something very simple.

She could have other commitments, a family dinner, a final exam, having to work or some other unavoidable issue but if she really wants to spend time with you, the phrase always comes out “but if you want, you can accompany me”.

2. They love to feel close to you.


They always look to touch you no matter what the excuse is.

They grab your hand, your cheek, your hair, they hug you, they kiss you.

They feel the need to feel close to you.

When the other person does not touch you, you should worry.

3. When you take her home, she always asks you to call her to find out if you arrived well.


It is the small details and concerns that make you notice that she really care about you.

4. When she looks at you, she smiles.


A look is worth more than a thousand words, and if the look is accompanied by a nice smile, better.

5. They call you or send messages to know how you are.


This is very important, just does it to know how you are, not to ask anything, but simply to know how you feel and how you have spent the day.

6. They get jealous and serious when you talk about other women.


When you start talking about another person, the answers become sharp.

This is because they do not want to lose you mixed with a little fear that you care about someone else.

7. They call you to the cell phone and do not mind spending the minutes.


They do not care if they have to spend a few minutes to talk to you.

Because this is more important.

It also applies to other types of expenses, such as a drink, an ice cream, etc.

8. They give you things made by them.


So if they do not have any crafts ideas, invent something so you know that they care.

Here the affective has more value than the material.

9. They invite you to make plans that interest you.

It is not always to accompany the other in his duties, but also that the other person adapts to your tastes and leads you to see a band you like, a play, the cinema, etc. (Of course it is always good that this is reciprocal).

10. They introduce you before the whole world by your name and they give you a title.


This goes back to the value and importance that they give you.

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