Signs that a woman plays with you

Relationships in themselves are complicated.

Even more difficult if you suspect that the woman you’re dating is just playing with you.

She may seem the most beautiful, sweet and romantic girl. However, it does not always happen that appearances reflect true feelings.

Signs that a woman plays with you

Be careful, you can end up wrapped emotionally and sentimentally without having a future with that person.

Next, we present you with the clearest signals that will allow you to discover the true intentions of that girl.

Does she play with you? Does she love you?

In the following lines, you will discover …

1. You are not the only one in her life …


If the case is that the woman with whom you go out with tells you that she is confused in relation to her feelings towards you.

In addition, she does not stop seeing her ex and makes it clear that she has a complicated love life. Then, you must keep in mind that you are not the only one in her life.

Similarly, if you know that she has another relationship, but still does not stop seeing you or calling you. So, you have no future with her.

Surely she will tell you that she is not happy in her relationship, that things with her boyfriend go very badly and that it is a relationship that will end sooner or later. If that is the case, do not be fooled.

If you are not sure that she will stay by your side in the right way, You must know how to identify the serial unfaithful and the best thing in these cases is to get away.

It is not worth being part of love triangles where no one will benefit. And the probability is that you will end up being hurt.

2. She takes care of her space too much.


We all need our space. However, it is not normal for that space to be so jealously protected. If it turns out that the girl you’re dating is a mysterious woman and you do not know her more than what she shows you or says. Then, something is not right.

In a relationship respecting the space of each person is fundamental, but this, in turn, is also shared in some way.

If you do not know your girl’s family and there is always an excuse for her, maybe she does not want you to meet it.

Also, if you barely know about her friends and you are not part of their social circle, she may not want to show you.

These are the sings that you are not her romantic priority.

Completely excluding you from her life is not normal. You must analyze the situations if you experience any of these signals. Perhaps it is convenient to ask yourself if it is worthwhile to be with someone who seems to hide from others.

3. She never says that you are her boyfriend.


Although for you she is the woman of your life and to all you let it know. It does not mean that it is the same for her.

If you are with that girl who, when she introduces you to people, only says your name or uses the adjective “friend”, then something is very wrong.

In the intimacy, it seems that you are dating and have a relationship, but before the world, you may not be more than just a friend.

If at the time of talking about you, she never mentions you as her boyfriend is because she does not consider you as such. She does not feel comfortable with you or does not care that others know she has a relationship with you.

It is hard to recognize, but if this is your case, think twice before continuing with the situation.

4. She has no respect for you.


From the fact of flirting with other guys in front of you, to the use of hurtful words and rude attitudes, they can be a sign that she does not respect you at all.

The lack of consideration is a clear signal that she does not care about you.

It is inconceivable to support these attitudes.

In these cases, the best thing you can do is to terminate the relationship.

There is no future where respect does not exist. Consideration and kindness are key to maintaining a relationship.

If all these signs are presented in your relationship, then you have two options.

The first, get away and look for other ways away from that girl who does not care about you.

And the second one, use your head and put aside your heart.

Everything will depend on you.