Signs that a woman is just using you

The interest and falsehood of a person are not exclusive of gender and while a man has placed himself as having the worst characteristics to love, women have been labeled as the most hurt in a relationship.

Signs that a woman is just using you

Signs that a woman is just using you

However, the roles have changed in all respects and today they are also the ones who turn more unfaithful, or in their case, they are with a man for extraordinary interests and not for love.

They can make of seduction, beauty, and vulnerability their best weapons to conquer who they propose, if they have the intention they will not rest until they achieve it, but how to get away from interested, false, narcissistic and immature women who are on the lookout for someone to solve all their problems, it is enough for you to recognize the acts that reveal their true intentions, here we tell you which are:

Signs that a woman is just using you

1. You are in a relationship but she usually cancels dates:

That woman is not sure what she is doing, especially because she does not feel love for you.

Are other interests that lead her to try to take things to another level, but between cancellation and cancellation she reveals that she does not know what to do, do I continue with my plans or not?

2. Does Not return calls:

She returns the calls when she knows that you can help her in something special, she wants to take advantage of you and her typical “I remembered about you and called you” phrases, always appear before asking for a favor.

3. You become an option:

You know she has other suitors or she had them at the time, but when you are out walking or in private talks it seems that she is only obliged and her mind elsewhere. Has this happened to you? you can find out if she complains about everything, no plan seems good to her or she just prefers not to leave the house.

4. She is interested in your material assets:

It happens before and after the formality, she always felt dazzled by your work, your car, the work of your parents or even the salary that she knows you perceive.

It holds you together with the things that you can give her and if something you don’t get to fulfill her, the anger and discomfort are immediately noticed.

5. Makes plans but does not include you:

She says a thousand times what she thinks or plans to do, and when the time comes you’re not included.

She is just passing the time, while the important moments she wants to live with other people.

6. She Never introduces you to anyone:

It’s a friend!

The typical phrase while you’re dating, when you’re already a formal couple, is limited to not introducing you or changing the subject to, “you know we’re together!”

It’s her favorite excuse.

7. She wants to make her ex jealous:

Yes, it is only when she is in front of her ex that she usually becomes affectionate and kind.

If that person leaves, she immediately leaves the pose of attraction and returns to be as indifferent as before.

You know it happens intentionally if she insists on going to that place where he will be and you are the best person to take her.