Signs she is not interested in you

Here I bring you 10 Signs she is not interested in you.

Signs she is not interested in you

Signs she is not interested in you

Signs she is not interested in you

1. She does not remember your name!

If she does not show a bit of respect for remembering your identity, it’s very hard to think that she might be interested in dating you.

2. She is always busy.

If every time you call her she tells you that she is traveling or has a lot of work or that her grandmother died or any excuse of this type, surely it will not be anything more than that: excuses.

The reality is that she does not want to go out with you and is finding “the reasons” for the “why not”.

3. Never return calls.

I called you and you did not answer!

How many times didn’t you hear those words?

If the answer is several, but you are sure that you never received a call from her, it is because she didn’t call you at all, and she is only trying to “look good”.

4. Does not laugh at your jokes.

If for more fun you try to be, she does not show any interest, it’s because she does not have it; otherwise, she would laugh at every joke you make, however bad it may be.

So learn to read body language.

5. Describes a “Prince Charm” who looks nothing like you.

If she talks to you about the man of her dreams, how he is and everything she hopes it to be and you realize that you do not meet those requirements at all, it is a sign that maybe she does not want you to waste your time.

6. Asks for someone else.

If when you met her, you were with some “friend” and the day you’re trying to flirt with her, she keeps interrupting you to ask for “your friend”, she’s probably more interested in that “friend” than in you.

7. Cancel plans to go out together regularly.

To look good, you invite her over there and over here, and she almost always says yes, but when it’s time to go out she cancels.

If this situation seems common to you, surely it is because you are the other guy’s “substitute”.

We know it sounds hard because it is, but it is more likely that she prefers to go out with other people first than with you, and if she has no plans she goes to you.

8. She hides.

Although it sounds like a game, many women resort to hiding.

This when they know that a man is interested in her and she’s not.

So every time she perceives a moment when she can be found, she avoids it at all costs, hiding in the closest place she can.

9. Criticizes you.

If from the first outing she is already pointing out your “faults”, it is best that you move away, because she is not accepting you as you are.

10. She links you with other women.

This is a clear sign that she is not at all interested in establishing some kind of romance with you.

Probably, she wants to be your friend and that is why she is looking for the easiest way to get away from any interpretation that can be taken as love.