Signs Of A Woman Who Is Not So Interested In A Man

These are some signs that indicate that a woman is not really interested in a man and does not see him as something serious.

Signs Of A Woman Who Is Not So Interested In A Man

1. She takes hours to answer a message.

You send a message and she takes about 5 hours to respond and, when she does, it is quite cutting or just responds with emoticons.

She always says “I was too busy” to respond before, although you saw her online many times.

2. Always asks for a taxi to go home, avoids spending the whole night with you.

When you go out together or she goes to your house and happens what has to happen, and gets late, you invite her to spend the night with you so that the next day you can drop her at her home, she always says that she “has to leave”, asks for a taxi and leaves.

Never accept an invitation to spend a night with you even if you offer to make her breakfast.

She tells you that she is tired or that you have things to do.

3. She does not introduce you to her friends.

She talks to you a lot about them, she always mentions them to you, but she never invites you to meet them, or not even by mistake tells you to accompany her to some place where there may be people from her social circle.

And if you happen to be walking down the street and meet someone she knows, she introduces you just as a friend.

4. Days can go by without she calling you.

Days go by, maybe weeks, and she is not able to take a minute to send you a “how are you?” On WhatsApp.

We do not pretend to disappoint you, but a woman truly interested in you would find the time to communicate with you even though her agenda was going to burst.

5. She leaves you hanging all the time.

You agree to meet one day, but hours before she calls you to tell you to forgive her, that she will have to postpone your meeting.

She does this again and again. It is always you who has to adjust to her schedule!

If changing her plans becomes routine, it is clear that she does not think of you seriously.

6. She does not include you in her plans.

Although you are going for a few weeks or almost a month, she never keeps you in her long-term plans, if a long holiday comes, she takes the opportunity to travel with her friends, but does not include you or even asks you if you had planned to do something with her.

Her weekends are programmed in advance and many times you are not in them.

You are not her priority and even less, she sees you like someone to turn to when she has free time.