Signs of a bad relationship with a woman

If you’re dating the wrong person could be very tumultuous, with many ups and downs. Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement of a new relationship that we are
unaware if our new love is wrong for us. Here are six signs of a bad relationship with a woman.

Signs of a bad relationship with a woman

Signs of a bad relationship with a woman

Signs of a bad relationship with a woman


1. You’re not happy.

This is obvious, but it is worth paying attention to how you feel from day to day. Can you remember the last time you felt happy and comfortable with your partner? If
you have to go back several weeks in your mind, this might be the time to face the fact that your relationship is not a positive experience for you.

2. Arguing all the time.

The disagreements are healthy in a relationship, but if you and your partner disagree about something, have to strive to reach an agreement. When don’t argue, are you
really happy or are you just ignoring your disagreement with your partner to keep the peace?

3. You analyze everything she says.

There are a lot of TV shows and movies where the characters sit with their friends and analyze the actions of a loved one. Actually, if you are reviewing and analyzing
everything your partner says, wondering what it really means when he says something, you’re not in a good relationship. Being in love is not about solving a complex
puzzle. Theres’s connection or there is not.

4. You’re not yourself.

This is a problem for people who are not very sure of themselves. If you often have to keep quiet when you feel you do not agree with the views of your partner or you
bite your tongue when express dislike for something you really like, you are not in a relationship of equality. A happy relationship is based on two people who do not
hide what they are.

5. You have not present her to your friends.

Be honest – how many times have you made excuses when friends ask you about your girlfriend? If you have not presented your partner to friends after a long time, then
you have to ask yourself why.

Sometimes unconsciously we try to keep our partners and our friends apart, not to face the fact that our relationship is not up. Your friends are a good judge of whether someone is good for you, so trust them.

6. You think you will not find anyone else.

Being with someone for not being alone, you’ll never be happy. Whether you believe it or not, you’ll find another relationship. If you’re just with your partner because you’re afraid to break and be alone, it might be time to break and start again.