Signs a female friend is trying to seduce you

The animals use seduction strategies to be able to mate, but without going much further from these rituals of nature, people also use seduction strategies so that the other person feels attracted to us.

Women usually use these strategies almost innately for a man to notice them and thus seduce him to finally attract him.

This seduction is gestures that are decisive in order to understand the intentions of the other person and thus be able to know if who is being seduced is receptive or not.

If a woman wants to seduce you will be her body language and subtle gestures that give her away, to differentiate, you will only have to observe.

Body language of a woman interested in you

In order to know if a woman tries to seduce you it is important that we look at the gestures that she carries out when we are together with her.

Many times, gestures appear totally involuntary and she doesn’t even realize that, with her body movement, she is uncovering her own feelings.

The most significant gestures are the following:

  1. When she wants to flirt with you, she will touch her hair while having a conversation with you.
  2. When a woman touches her earlobe it means that she is indirectly claiming sex.
  3. If she touches herself while talking to you, it is a clear sign of excitement, touches such as curling her hair, arranging her clothes or cleavage.
  4. If she sits in front of you with her legs towards you, she will be indicating that she is attracted to you.
  5. If she looks at you insistently and there is no close friendship, it is a clear sign of attraction, if she also looks at your lips she will be indicating the desire to kiss you.
  6. Also, if a woman wants to seduce you, she will try to find any excuse to be able to maintain physical contact with you, even if it is just rubbing you.
  7. For example, touching your arm or your shoulder, removing “something” from your jacket, caressing your hair, putting her hand on your leg, etc. having an active physical contact.

Signs a female friend is trying to seduce you

Here we will stop at other signs and gestures that can help us know if a woman has a special interest for us. And is that, in addition to physical movements, there are other types of details that can help us know what their feelings are.

Here we leave you the most common and easy to detect.

1. You feel that she admires you.

It is likely that you realize that this woman in question asks a lot about your life and you feel that, deep down, she feels a little admiration towards you.

Think that, on the subject of love, normally when someone starts to interest us, at first we only see the positive and most striking side.

For that reason, it is very common for that person to feel a little fascinated by you and, that is noticeable in her way of talking to you and treating you.

3. She laughs a lot with you.

Another of the best ways to know if a woman tries to seduce you is if, when you are together, she spends most of her time laughing.

If so, she may be having fun but, also, she may be “becoming more sympathetic” to try to seduce you and that you notice her.

It is a very common weapon of seduction used by both women and men, so pay attention to it!

4. She talks to you very close.

It is also possible that this person is insinuating herself in a more subtle way and, therefore, when she talks to you, she may get closer than usual.

If you notice that normally she always relates with you like this, she may like you and, with her closeness, tries to capture your attention.

5. She makes herself to be noticed in a group.

It is also possible you detect that a woman wants to seduce you if, when you are in a group, you see that she is always trying to get noticed in order to capture your attention.

You will also see that she always prioritizes being by your side or talking to you before spending more time with others, even if they are his friends.

6. Any excuse to talk to you.

It is very common that girl who is interested in you wants to fully capture your attention and, therefore, will try to talk to you whenever possible.

Any excuse will be good to establish communication with you either directly or through messages.