Shy men and dating

Interacting with girls, is where many timid men break their brains. What to do? What do you say? “I’m too shy, my shyness prevents me,” they say to themselves. As if to
seduce or relate to a girl or have a date would be so complicated. Many sites of seduction on the Internet touch that point. However, they propose strategies that would obviously be very difficult to carry out for shy people.

Shy men and dating


Shy men and dating

Shy men and dating


That’s why we will reveal a very comfortable and very successful technique for which does not matter if you’re shy or not: The technique of coincidence.

What is it?

It is to match with her in as many things as you can. It is sufficient that for example, you attend the same gym as your girl, the same classes, the same places, take the same bus, go to the same shows, hear the same music; you start to get interested in her own interests, meet the same people, have mutual friends, etc.

You should note that you’re not doing all those things for her. You must find personal reasons to carry them out. When you reach this point you see how you find various pretexts to speak to her. And the best part is that will be seen and be something very spontaneous, effortless. It’s that simple, you just have to mediate some words and you’re interacting with her. You’ve passed the first test. You won’t have so overcome shyness because there won’t practically be a chance to manifest it. You are doing something very natural. All you do is establishing a conversation by taking advantage of any opportunity that arises.

The closer you are, and more you have in common with her, more likely to occur. The content of the conversation is very secondary, it will depend on the situation.

When you exchange the first time with her, remember: You’re not going to tell her a compliment or anything like that, such things require too much for shyness.
Instead, you will say whatever you like, what comes to mind, a question, a passing comment, a suggestion. I repeat, anything! If you think your comment is stupid,
remember that it may be silly; that is precisely what seduction is, a game, what you say doesn’t have to be anything serious.

Another thing, do not propose to conquer, to seduce, love or anything, right from the start. She is still an unknown. You just want to say “something”, no matter what, but
nothing more. If you get that “something”, then you’ve reached your goal completely.
But suppose that you’re already chatting with her, you have something that looks like a dialogue. I repeat that no matter how silly or having pauses. You can simply
try to know her name and offer something, that according to her tastes, could be of her interest. That will be a good excuse to drive you to meet her later. So you can
have a “date” or reunion.

It is important that this first exchange doesn’t extend too much. The conversations have a beginning, a point of interest and then begin to decline until become boring. You must finish them before curiosity is over. Use a combination of excuse and inviting. On the one hand, you can say gently to her you can no longer talk to her right now. Of course, you must have a compelling reason, for example; friends are waiting for you, you’re going somewhere, you need to do something, etc. You show her you have your own business. And smiling, propose to her to follow the conversation at another time.

If you offered her something she was interested in and has to see you again to get it, then perfect. That’s called to seduce, that’s seduction, you have piqued her interest. You have managed to overcome shyness and fear of the approach. And that’s it, you met the girl, she met you, talked very briefly and agreed to see each other again. You’re no longer indifferent to the girl you like, she wants to see you again. Congratulations.

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