She still loves her ex

Most of us have had at least one relationship that has remained in the past, as it is very likely that your current partner has had other relationships before you. How to
know if she still have feelings for her ex?

She still loves her ex

She still loves her ex

She still loves her ex – Here the signs you should not ignore

1. Spend as much time checking your cell phone: It is normal that a person is pending of her mobile, but it is not normal that still is in constant contact with her
former boyfriend even as “friends “. Pay special attention if she refuses to show you her messages or spends her time surfing the social networks always pending the
posts by her former partner.

2. Constantly mention him, for better or worse: The opposite of love is indifference, so if she spends all the time talking about that person, it means she still has not forgotten him.

3. Keeps a lot of photographs of their relationship: It is normal that she still has an occasional image of them as a couple, especially if the break is recent. If his
phone looks like a full album of her ex? It is not normal.

4. Her attitude changes if he is present: She gets very nervous, constantly observe or do things to get his attention.

5. Your instinct tells you: It is common for a person wonder occasionally if their partner still has feelings for her ex, but if you spend all your time feeling that something is not right, it is very likely that it’s true.