Sexy gestures that men make and women love

Men can not only attract women with roses, gifts and beautiful words.

There are attitudes, situations and sexy gestures that make them more interesting before women’s eyes. If the woman is able to detect, it can be said that she was trapped by male charms.

There will be for those who an extremely sexy man is one that measures 1.80, has an athletic body and dress casually.

For others, it will be a boy with a somewhat intellectual air; however, it is those sexy gestures that end up catching women attention.

Perhaps, men do not fulfill every requirement to the letter, but with one or more of these sexy gestures women fall to their feet.

Here is a list of the masculine body language to make women fall in love, many times, without you even trying.

Sexy gestures that men make and women love

1. Removing the shirt, pulling the garment.

It does not matter if you are muscular or not, this way of shedding the garment is very sexy.

On a hot day, at the gym.

2. Leaning casually.

It’s not like you’re snooping around in her things, but such an approach says a lot about you.

If you have a rich aroma, the experience will be much more pleasant.

3. Pick up the sleeves of the shirt.

This gesture is super manly, says: Here I am and what is there to do?. I’m ready.

Women love it, it shows them a man they can always count on.

4. Touching the chin.

The issue is that women like this gesture because it shows them a man with many things to do and solve.

An additional plus is if you have a grown beard.

5. Lying relaxed on the wall.

There is even a sexier one, even more, sensual form, raising the arms and supporting them on the frame of the door.

6. Make eye contact.

A steady and attentive look can blush any woman, however, women like it and leave them the feeling of wanting to know even more about that man.

7. Adjusting the watch.

This talks about a man who takes care of his personal appearance, who does not like being late to a place and, surely, time is money for him.