Sexual Postures For Women With Curves

Beyond routine, feelings or abilities, one of the elements of intimacy that causes the most conflict for women is weight; however, it can become insignificant in addition to the pleasure offered by some sexual postures.

The goal of sexual positions is to provide maximum satisfaction to both members of the couple, but often it is not chosen the most appropriate for the characteristics of the body, making it seem more than a source of satisfaction, a field of obstacles.

Therefore, here we provide you with 4 ideal postures if she has a voluptuous body.

Try them!

Sexual Postures For Women With Curves

1. Spoon.

This type of sexual position allows a pleasant and intimate penetration because with your hand you can reach and stimulate her clitoris and with your mouth kiss her breasts.

Here the enjoyment is more than guaranteed.

2. Reverse cowgirl.

She places her weight in her hands while you penetrate her.

She uses her feet to move up and down, and she asks you to bend your knees if she needs extra support.

By her simply moving from front to back is excellent for stimulating the clitoris.

3. Puppy.

It is a wonderful sexual posture, especially if you have a penis between 13 and 16 centimeters because during penetration she will feel it completely.

Also, this one is perfect as you will concentrate on stimulating her clitoris and breasts while watching her back.

4. Missionary or (her under).

Some cushions and pillows can help when she is lying on her back.

This allows her to rise the coccyx a little and facilitate penetration.

Being overweight does not have to be an impediment for women to having a full sex life.

Remember, in this area, everything is allowed as long as there are respect and trust in the couple.

The limit is the imagination.