Serious mistakes that men make when dressing

Every man can have a very different style when it comes to dressing, you can even innovate and create new looks, as long as the good taste is respected when defining a style.

Serious mistakes that men make when dressing

Serious mistakes that men make when dressing

The problem is that for many men the style seems not to matter or relating everything “fashion” with gay, which is a serious mistake and results in a catastrophic look: wide, long and/or torn pants, large sneakers and tight polos that do not hide their tummy.

There are also those who do care about their style but despite that, they make certain mistakes that can ruin a good look.

That is why the Infobae portal consulted with a fashion specialist who revealed what are the main “horrors” that men commit when dressing and how to avoid them.

Serious mistakes that men make when dressing

1. Showing the underwear:

As the name says, the underwear should not be displayed, the idea is to remain hidden, as no one is interested in knowing what brand or color are your boxers.

It should only be exhibited in intimate situations.

The ideal is to wear intimate garments of fresh elasticized fabric.

2. Wearing white socks:

If you wear a suit you should know that it is a very bad taste to see your white socks when you sit down.

The socks should always be dark colors (gray, blue or black) and combined according to the color of the pants.

The whites and the towel are just for exercise.

If you want to differentiate a bit from the rest, you can buy dark socks with hat lines or subtle geometric figures.

3. To use flip flops or sandals inappropriately:

The flip-flops should only be used on the beach and not for walking, even if it is summer and the temperature is exhausting.

Bermuda shorts and city sandals can work well, you can also wear thin or suede loafers that are cooler than sneakers, but never wear sandals or flip flops if you’re going to wear pants.

4. To have the shirt outside the trousers:

The shirt of a man must always be inside the pants contained by the belt, that avoids that it gets out and gives a neglected aspect.

A man who looks after his appearance should always be neat, regardless of the style he has.

5. The tie is under the belt:

The ties should always end just above the belt buckle: neither before nor after.

The best ties are those that are smoothest, striped or with small and geometric figures.

Those of cartoons or animals are not worthy of an elegant man.