How to Seduce a Woman with a Look

Have you tried different seduction techniques but they have not worked for you?

Maybe starting by talking is not your thing? Do you want to learn other ways to seduce a woman?

There are many ways to seduce a woman either start a conversation with her, invite her out, with compliments or with body movements and gestures.

How to seduce a woman with the look? – Here I’ll leave you 3 Techniques:

How to Seduce a Woman with a Look

1. Distant glances.

Crossing glances with the girl you like will be one of the best alternatives you can choose.

This can not only be a single glance but the beginning of a game of looks that can then give you good results.

If the girl you like is still at a prudent distance you have to cross glances with her from time to time, with this you will most definitely start to get her attention.

And you will have no doubt that you are beginning to seduce her.

2. Very close glances.

If the woman you like is very close to you even if you are having a conversation with her, you can use your gaze as an infallible technique.

You just have to know how to follow this technique first by staring at one of her eyes and then the other and then looking at her lips and repeating the process several times.

Maybe with this, you will make her a little nervous but without a doubt, you have begun to seduce her and leave her a tingling to continue playing with you in this way.

3. Mischievous looks.

If the woman you want to have as your partner is already a close friend but you do not want to seduce her with words.

This is one of the most effective techniques of how to seduce a woman with your eyes because with the confidence you have with her you can do it without any problem.
It is about mischievous looks including winks that you can make when you see her.

If you are a man who does not need words to seduce, these techniques of how to seduce a woman with your eyes can help you a little more to improve the way you approach the girl you like.