Secrets to Seduce a Woman After an argument

You have argued with your partner and now you do not know how to seduce her again?

Both were in a foolish plan and got angry without saying more than one word? Do you think that anger is stronger than passion?

Quiet all couples argue sometimes for no apparent reason and sometimes for important reasons but both can be solved in one way or another if in the relationship there is love and especially if they are willing to talk.

But we know that women are usually the most dramatic after an episode of these. That is, when a couple argues, a woman; almost always, does not turn back but that does not mean that everything has ended or she does not want to know about, actually you can use all this drama as a basis for your new technique of seduction.

So here are the powerful 3 Secrets to Seduce a Woman After an argument:

Secrets to Seduce a Woman After an argument

1. The details made by you.

Every woman likes the details and even more, if it comes from the person she loves, but what will be special in your detail?

You must know that at this precise moment your girlfriend is not happy and that if you buy something material you will not be able to seduce her again.

This is the moment that you make your imagination and your creativity fly to do something more dignified, such as writing a letter, calling her and singing a song, dedicating a video made by you on Facebook and other things.

Maybe this seems silly but she will find it romantic and she will understand that you are willing to win her back.

2. Look for her.

Maybe at the time of the argument, she told you “do not look for me anymore”, something classic for women, but you should not take it seriously.

So do not hesitate to look for her either at work or at home but you have to make her know that you need to solve things for the best of both.

3. If you have her close, give her a kiss.

An argument can not put out the love between you two so if you have her close do not hesitate to kiss her and make her feel that you can not live without her.

Do not worry about her reaction, it’s more likely that she will reciprocate because she loves you.

And if at that moment she does not do it, she will be thinking about you for the rest of the day.

You already know the 3 Secrets to Seduce a Woman After an argument, now you just have to go for her. Good Luck!