Secrets To Inspire Love In A Difficult Woman

If you want To Inspire Love In A Difficult Woman, there is a GREAT secret that I want to reveal to you today and it is the big problem that you make when you show interest to a girl.

Normally, when you like a woman, you show her interest, right?

You tell her that you like her, that she is too beautiful, you idolize her, you treat her like a princess …

The problem is that by showing TOO MUCH INTEREST, you are getting on your knees before her and begging her to be with you.

She will reject you since she wants someone who is at the same level as her, she does not want to be with a loser.

Secrets To Inspire Love In A Difficult Woman

1. DO NOT put women on a pedestal.

The GREAT secret so that she does not reject you is to put yourself at the same level as her.

And for that, you must stop being submissive and tell her nice and cheesy things like:

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world”

“You’re perfect”

“For you, I would do anything, my princess”

From now on, FORGET completely to say this kind of comments until the girl is your girlfriend (even in those cases, you should not use the phrase very often), since you will look like her servant (who would want to go out with a servant? ?)

The worst part is that you will be the same as ALL men: why is a girl interested in you if you are equal to the herd?

Now that you have understood me, I am going to give you some steps so that you can put yourself at the same level as her and you can conquer her:

2. Look at them in the eyes and SMILE.

From now on, every time you see a girl, do not duck your head again or look shyly away.

Very simple: just look at her directly in the eyes and when she sees you again: smile!

Try it with several girls: in your class, in your gym, in the pool, on the street, on the bus … wherever!

I know that the first time you’re going to feel that your heart gets out of your chest, but when you see that the girls respond well you’ll want to do it again until it becomes your routine.

3. You must be DARE and FUN.

The next step is the most important, so pay close attention: if you really want to make a difficult woman fall in love, it is important that you demonstrate that you are not submissive like the rest of the guys and that you are at her level: And how do you achieve this?

The ULTIMATE way to do it is to become a FUNNY man with funny comments: The next time you want to say something nice to a friend of yours, instead of saying:

“I like your dress, it’s beautiful!”

Tell her:

“I like your dress … my grandmother used a similar one!”

I know that you surely think I’m crazy but try … it’s a simple joke that you would do to your younger sisters, and you will see how your friends are DISCONTROLLED and they throw themselves on you intrigued, asking you to explain to them what you mean … and that’s when you attack!

I leave you other phrases that you can use also:

“What a big bag! Do you have a rifle inside it?”

“What beautiful shoes, they look like a clown’s shoes”

“I like your hair, you look like an 80’s rock star.”