Secrets To Attract Women To Your Life

Has it ever happened to you that you felt like a famous artist that it seemed that all women paid attention to, did you have the ease to attract them?

Sometimes the stars align and it seems that everything goes well. Or perhaps it was you who, unknowingly, were doing something outstanding.

However, more often than not, women seem to ignore you. It is as if you were transparent and it gives you the feeling that all the other guys know what they are doing except you.

With this publication, I do not intend to teach you how to flirt but I am going to share with you some keys that will make you more attractive to women, without having to pretend anything.

This is your personal change that, yes or yes, will make you look different from the outside. Also, I am sure that the time you did so well you were doing some of these things, see for yourself.

Secrets To Attract Women To Your Life

1. Trust.

If there is a value that attracts women, it is self-confidence.
That’s why there are men that you consider to be ugly, unattractive, little, or unfriendly but who are capable of flirting a lot.

Trust is the key to everything. Real trust and not based on arrogance, but based on:

  • Healthy self-love.
  • Make decisions easily.
  • Be clear about your ideas.
  • Knowing where you’re going.

These are all the things that almost every woman admires in a man. Trust is something you have to work on your own and do not try to get it outside, seducing women out of pure ego. With this there are no pitfalls or shortcuts, it is about doing personal work for real and in-depth.

2. Be authentic.

One of the most attractive things is an authentic man. A man who does not have masks, a man who shows himself as he is. If you try to like everyone, playing at being someone else, it won’t do you any good. Women are very intelligent and it is very difficult to deceive them. They are able to smell the lie. If you’re playing at being someone else for her to like you, you’re not going to get very far.

So if you don’t like dancing salsa, say so, if you don’t like romantic movies, don’t watch them, if you don’t like shopping, admit it. Being who you really are will attract women who really love you just the way you are and everything will be much easier in any relationship.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you attract someone pretending to be someone else and then you have to continue pretending eternally (Has it ever happened to you?)
Of course, the first thing you have to do is know who you really are and for that, you need to do your self-knowledge work, for that it can help you to do a coaching or mentoring process.

3. Have a purpose.

A man living his life purpose is the most attractive for a woman and for other men as well.
Knowing that you are doing something relevant, having a project more important than yourself is a fact that drives them crazy. Also, when you have a life purpose, you do not have so much need to have a partner, which makes you more attractive for this reason too; it is a double benefit.

As David Deida, the author of The Way of the Higher Man, one of the best modern books on masculinity, says, “if you don’t have a purpose, your purpose is to find your purpose”.

4. Listen to her.

Most women have a great longing with men and it is that they listen to them. Give them the space to share what they are feeling, what is happening in their life. Giving them a space of trust, in which they can express themselves without you solving all their problems, will help them open their hearts to you much faster.

But this does not mean that you have to listen to how she complains or how she criticizes other people all the time.

Bring the conversation to what really matters:

  • What’s going on in her life right now.
  • How does she feel?
  • What does she want to achieve?

And leave empty conversations about the misfortunes that occur in the world. If you are afraid that she will talk so much that you cannot follow her try giving her a time, 5 or 10 minutes, controlled by the clock, in which you will give her all your presence. 10 minutes is more valuable than hours without paying full attention.

5. By will not from necessity.

There is nothing less attractive than a man desperate to have sex. You can ask any woman and she will confirm it to you. The fact that you are calm makes you release energy that makes you much more appetizing.

Surely it has happened to you when you had a girlfriend and suddenly other women approached you. It is precisely for this. You don’t need them and suddenly they are drawn to you. It seems like an old topic, but it works.

Find ways to control that sexual energy: practice exercise, or spend time in nature.