Secrets That Most Women Hide From Their Partners

Through a survey conducted in the United Kingdom, revealed intimacies that girls do not like to share because of shame or fear of being judged.

According to the newspaper The Sun, a survey was conducted to determine what secrets women keep from their husbands or boyfriends, to make them believe that they look as natural as possible and that they do not hide anything.

The poll revealed the following:

Secrets That Most Women Hide From Their Partners

1. How much they actually spend on clothes:

17% of women surveyed said they prefer not to disclose the amount of their spending on their clothing.

2. Their real weight:

14% do not tell their partners what their true weight is because they are judged.

3. How many couples have they actually had:

13% of them said they were not able to tell their husband or boyfriend the number of couples they have been with so they do not seem promiscuous and keep the interest of their partner.

4. How much they spend on beauty products:

They mostly answered that they do not do it out of embarrassment or so that their feminine image and delicacy are not lost.

5. They check the social networks of their ex-partners or those of their husband or boyfriend:

Many prefer not to say it to avoid some misunderstanding or argument in the relationship.

In addition to the networks, they also like to spy on the cell phone for lack of confidence.

6. They shave their toes:

Women prefer to hide it because they find it unpleasant to share this with their partner, so they prefer to keep it private.