Secrets that all women hide from their boyfriends

When we initiate a loving relationship, everything is happiness.

In the first days it seems that they can not be separated, they write each other, call, there is no other person in the world, but as the months go by, the first problems appear and overcoming them will be the test to see if what they feel is love or attraction.

The reasons why couples argue are many, but we could say that the first fight of 99% of couples is about a lie. Whether small or big, it is the first disappointment we have of our partner.

Women and men lie, sometimes to avoid a pain to our partner, we do not complete the ideas or we avoid telling certain details, but we should not confuse the lies with the secrets. They are two different things.

Each person is free to keep certain aspects of their life to themselves, is free to decide whether to tell or not.

If they are issues that will affect the relationship, they should be discussed, but there are some that will always remain hidden.

Today we reveal the 7 secrets that all women hide from their boyfriends.

Secrets that all women hide from their boyfriends

# 1 Her love past.

When the relationship has reached its point of maximum maturity, both decide to be totally honest and tell each other the ‘love story’, but women will avoid entering into details, as they consider that they do not contribute anything to their new relationship.

Likewise, they will not confess what romance marked them with intensity and why. They keep the memories of their intimacy with a lot of jealousy.

# 2 Actions that men dislike.

Nobody likes to argue and, sometimes, for stupid reasons arming storms that end in a week without being able to talk.

Women hate those uncomfortable moments and to avoid them, many times they will prefer to keep quiet.

“Why should I renege if he is going to do it anyway?” Beware of this phrase, you could fill your partner’s patience.

# 3 More intense sexual preferences and desires.

Men like to be spoken directly to them, but women do not think the same.

Although it is true that today they are freer to enjoy their sexuality, we still live in a macho society that judges those who want to play with their imagination.
The struggle between her desires and her reputation is a very complicated issue for any woman.

# 4 Her rhythm of beauty and personal care.

We all know that our couple has their eternal showers, their manicure and pedicure session, the appointment with the stylist and all the beauty rituals they have.
Something we should know is that most women do not like to share these moments, because they consider it a violation of their privacy. It is a moment with herself, it is her most valuable personal space.

# 5 Deficiencies and sexual past.

Talking about sexual history is a taboo subject in women.

Because of the fear of what their current partners will think, they avoid telling the performance of their previous relationship, in addition, they avoid entering into terrible comparisons.

# 6 “Friends” who pretend them.

This is a very delicate point.

Women tell what men want them as long as they have no interest in that person, whereas if there is ‘someone’ they like, they will never tell their partner.

Remember that when a girl has a partner, the ‘competition’ appears more strongly.

# 7 People who attract her.

It is normal for a woman to be physically attracted to someone besides her partner or to feel admiration for someone she met only once.

Women consider this a ‘superficial taste’, so they do not consider it necessary to tell their partner.

Maintaining a relationship is complicated, but do not forget that with communication, trust, patience, and love, both can overcome all their differences. It is not a cliché phrase, they are commandments that should prevail in all couples.