Secrets that a woman will never reveal

It is better for a woman to keep certain information since then it can be used against her.

No matter how honest a relationship is, there are small details that most women prefer to omit.

Here are five of them:

Secrets that a woman will never reveal


1. They are detectives.


By nature, women were born with a golden intuition.

If she adds good imagination and a basic knowledge of social networks, you have a professional detective.

So taking that into consideration, most men will never know that probably before or after the first date, they have already seen the pictures of the ex, of the mother and they have even identified which ‘little friends’ could be a threat.

Of course, they pretend they are surprised when he tells them things they already knew.

2. They offer to pay the bill, but …


If you let them, they will think you’re stingy.

Today, women are very independent and they can clearly pay the bill and even yours, however, it is a matter of “detail” that a man, by chivalry, does not allow her to do so during the fist encounters with her.

It is clear that as the relationship progresses, it is normal for you to pay the bill or share the expenses.

3. They’re already planning the marriage.


When they meet someone they like and want to admit it or not, after a few days it crosses their mind what would that guy be like if he was her husband?

Obviously, they would never admit it because they would look like a bit hasty.

Women have an incredible capacity for imagination and for being able to think and do more than one thing at a time.

4. Their best friend knows EVERYTHING.


Yes, and they are very sorry.

Their best friend will know everything about that first date and EVERYTHING that happens and stops happening between them.

Although they deny having told their friend every second, the truth is that she will know it minute by minute.

5. You will never know how many boyfriends they have had.


Although I think it is vital to have an honest relationship with the other person, there are details that are best kept in the closet.

Just as it is not worth telling a man how many boyfriends she had before him, I consider it healthy that you do not investigate much about her sentimental past either.
At first it will not cause any problem, but as you fall in love and start small arguments, those stories you heard, you will use them against her and vice versa.

And you? What little secrets do you hide from your partner?