Secrets of women

Women, beyond being honest and open, and that seems to say everything out loud, usually keep some secrets that never tell a man, perhaps out of pride, self-love, shame or whatever.

Secrets of women

Secrets of women

Then we will discover some of the secrets that women usually keep in front of a man:

Secrets of women

1. She tells everything to her best friend.

If you treated her badly, if your sexual performance is good or bad, if you gave her something, if she thinks you cheat on her, everything, absolutely everything, she tells her best friend.

For all this, it is recommended that you not only treat the women who go out with you well but also their friends.

2. Wears your clothes when you are not present.

Maybe because of playing around or because she really misses you, the woman usually wears clothes of yours when you’re not at home.

Surely she likes to sleep with an old T-shirt of yours.

3. She will never say with how many men she’s been.

She may have told you that she has some ex-boyfriends, however, you will never really know how many men your girlfriend has slept with.

She wants to know everything about you, but she is unlikely to tell you her own sex life in detail.

4. She compares you to her former partners.

Even if she says she does not, it is almost inevitable to compare you with her previous partners, in the good and the bad.

5. She has found out about your ex-girlfriends.

Probably your current girlfriend has found out everything she could about your old partners, just to know what kind of women you’ve been and to be attentive to any future encounter or contact.

6. Her body was not always so well taken care.

When a woman meets someone she likes, she tries hard to be and feel good, she arranges and takes care of herself a lot more.

Maybe it was not always that way and there were times of greater carelessness, that better not to remember.

7. She likes pornography.

Although many women deny it, they also enjoy watching pornography, they can even learn some techniques, movements, and postures of such material.

8. She’s never really ready.

Even if she tells you that she is ready, that she is about to arrive at the meeting with you, she never arrives on time!

Women always need more time than you to bathe, get dressed, put on makeup and finally be ready to go out.

9. You have made her suffer and cry on several occasions.

Although she does not recognize it in front of you, without a doubt there have been many occasions in which you have made her suffer and cry for a fight or for something you said.

10. Waits for you to call her.

If you tell a woman that you will call her to arrange a meeting with her, she is probably expecting you to do it the next day.

11. She can wear large and comfortable underwear.

Although every time she is with you she usually dresses in super sexy and elegant lingerie, surely that at home, that stunning girl can walk with big and comfortable underwear.

12. Spends a lot of money on clothes.

You will never be able to know how much money a woman can spend on clothes, makeup, and accessories.