Secrets Of Female Psychology That Men Cannot Understand

Sometimes men find it easier to understand complicated mathematics than women. And in part, they are right. Because in many ways we perceive the same things differently and react differently. However, there is no reason to ruin relationships.

Bright Side decided to reveal female secrets to make life a little easier for men.

Secrets Of Female Psychology That Men Cannot Understand

1. The passion for bad boys is genetic.

A girl who has many suitors chooses a bad boy; sounds familiar to you, right?

But it turns out that this choice of partner in many ways is genetic: women subconsciously believe that they are forming a relationship with a strong, intelligent, and self-confident man, which is good for offspring survival. (Data and Data).

2. The way of driving of women is peculiar due to the anatomy of the brain.

Some male drivers think that women should not even get behind the wheel. But research by scientists at the University of Pennsylvania makes us see this situation from another angle.

It turns out that men and women have slightly different brains. Thanks to this, the former are better at orientation in space, and the latter memorize specific images. Therefore, it becomes easier for a woman to navigate a city according to certain objects. (Fact). In addition, women, for the most part, park more correctly than men. They need a little more time for this though. (Fact).

3. Women do not understand how it is possible not to understand hints.

Women are more empathetic and expect the same from men: that they understand them without words and through barely noticeable hints.

They know how to find hidden meanings in the words of men even where there are none. If you want the relationship to be as comfortable for both of you as possible, you should learn to talk about issues and confusion to avoid misunderstanding.

4. Women tend to blame themselves.

Women often blame themselves for all the negative events. For example, a guy may confess to a girl that he is not feeling very well today and she is suddenly offended. Why? Because she decides that she is to blame for that.

5. Women should try harder to succeed.

Historically, in many traditions of women great professional successes were not expected due to the prejudice that they had to take care of the home and children, and that the provider of the family was the man.

Fortunately, today the situation has changed. Still, women are forced to try harder, because, in addition to work, they are caring for and raising their children, and doing household chores. As a result, women get tired more in similar circumstances.

6. Women have exactly the same mathematical abilities as men.

There is a stereotype that women have worse math skills than men. This myth is based on the observation that in science there are fewer women scientists who are interested in mathematics and physics than men.

But according to research, women have exactly the same abilities to understand mathematics and physics as men. What happens is that social standards drive women to study other fields. (Fact).