Scenarios You Should Consider When Your Girlfriend Asks You For Some Time

When disaster comes to your relationship and your girlfriend asks for a “break” to fix things, it can be easy to panic and lose control.

But don’t push yourself yet, “some time” could mean a lot of things. Like the following:


Scenarios You Should Consider When Your Girlfriend Asks You For Some Time

1. She doesn’t necessarily want to break up with you.

Taking a “break” is not the same as breaking up. Sometimes it is an antecedent to solve the problems in the relationship.

2. Taking time means taking a break to solve problems.

Relationships often have problems and issues that continue to appear and “some time” serves as a way to get some perspective.

3. She wants to take a break from the fights.

If two people in a relationship are deeply in love, but they can’t seem to live without fighting, a break is the best way to deal with the problem. Too much closeness encourages discomfort. Therefore, a certain distance between you will take you back to the mainland, and you will remain as close as before.

4. Sometimes distance is the best cure.

Distance makes love grow. And along with the time, it can also heal wounds that nothing else can do.

5. Taking a break can be very beneficial for the relationship.

If a relationship has solid foundations and is meant to be, you can benefit from a brief pause. It will make you realize what you might lose and make the relationship even stronger.

6. She may be in love with someone else.

The decision to take a break could be because your girlfriend wants to date someone else.

7. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking a break can be caused by guilt.

It is difficult for a woman to have an affair and not be affected. Most unfaithful women are affected by guilt, and their guilt sometimes finds a way out in the attempt to break up with their partner.

8. If she has made a decision, there is nothing you can do.

The desire to take a break can mean many things. It could be a brief respite that injects new life into the relationship, or it could be a springboard for a breakup. In the latter case, there really is nothing you can do, if she has made the decision just accept it and move on.