Rules To Sustain A Relationship Of “Friends With Rights”

If you want to have a friend with rights or keep it, you have to follow some rules so that the passion is not spoiled. See the following note.

It is beautiful to have a stable relationship and share with our partner the most beautiful experiences of life that are marriage and a family.

However, not everyone is comfortable with this model; while some are excited by the decision to spend the rest of their lives with the same person – and have sex with only one person -, it gives others the chills.

But that is not why the latter wish to renounce a stable partner and, they seek, the most viable option: to be friends with rights.

This type of relationship is usually a stage that the couple is experiencing with an expiration date.

Those furtive encounters fill them with adrenaline and give them that bit of existential emotion.

But as in everything, there are risks. The fear that one of the two will fall in love is one of them.

Therefore, if you want to maintain an open relationship, it is best to take these 9 things into account:

Rules To Sustain A Relationship Of “Friends With Rights”

1. Communication.

It is important to talk and ask how they feel with this type of relationship.

While it may start with much enthusiasm for both parties, not all people are made to maintain a relationship like this, and while one of the two is having a great time, the other begins to suffer.

Then, resentment, jealousy and the couple can be endangered. So, avoid suffering and share your feelings.

Also, they do not commit the mistake of confusing your “friend” with another you have because you will make her feel bad.

2. An agreement.

To avoid misunderstandings, it is best to establish an agreement between the two.

There are no formulas or recipes for this, but it is time to talk about those things that could bother you or that you consider a transgression because an open relationship also has its limits.

3. Safe sex.

Always have to practice safe sex, but even more, if they have an open relationship.

By having multiple lovers, the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases multiply, you will not want to risk an unwanted pregnancy, especially if it is someone with whom you do not have a future in mind.

4. Not acting as a couple in public.

Being friends with rights is a secret relationship.

You can not allow kisses or caresses in public or being held by the hand.

For that reason, they will be called “friends”.

5. Not having sex very often.

Having a friend with rights does not mean they have sex every two or three days, much less, always.

Not having intimacy will often prevent them from getting bored with each other.

6. Do not give yourselves anything on February 14.

This is the date celebrated by lovers not friends with rights.

In that type of relationship, one is not special to the other and vice versa. Celebrate your day on July 19.

7. Do not send messages or call.

Avoid the messages “Good morning” or “Good evening”.

Simply, contact each other when you want to have sex.

It does not matter any other information.

8. Never fall in love.

That will ruin the friendship with right you have.

The feelings should not be included.

Remember that you only want to satisfy the need or passion.

9. Do not stay to sleep together until the next day.

It is not good to end one night in bed.

The best thing is for the other to go home to rest instead of showing affection or love that does not exist in the life of both.