Ridiculous Things You Do When Trying To Inspire Love In A Woman

I’ve been thinking for the last hour that some men are a really strange species when it comes to action and trying to flirt with a woman. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that many of their techniques are simply absurd and obsolete, which instead of causing women interest, make them want to run away from them.

Today I just want to mention some of your dumbest techniques when wanting to flirt (and that you haven’t realized what you are doing wrong).

Ridiculous Things You Do When Trying To Inspire Love In A Woman

1. Whistling to her and then saying … Hey, friend”.

Women hate going down the street and suddenly a stranger comes up and says “friend” when she has never seen him in her life. Even worse when you whistle for her to turn around. When did you think that is a good idea?

2. Driving like you have a racing car.

Something wrong happens in men who believe that if women go with them in a car and they drive as fast and stupid as possible and risking their lives, they will say: “Wow, what a man!

3. Showing that they can drink more than any other man.

I don’t know why men have that wrong idea to think that they excite women when they see them drinking until they are unconscious. That makes women think no more than “what an immature man.” As simple as that.

4. Trying to make women beg for their company.

Something happens in their heads that curiously when they get to know each other better, they change their attitude from one moment to another and put themselves in an attitude of “stardom”, by pretending that women will beg for their company.

What they do not understand is that if they do not show interest, women easily lose it too, and what they do not take into account is that behind that girl there is a row of 5 more men who are trying to date her.

5. Inventing that all women are dying for them.

Seriously? They believe that by inventing stories that they are super valued by everyone, women will not let them go, but this is wrong.

Not even if they were an expensive handbag or a pair of Louboutin shoes with a discount, those maybe she won’t let go!

6. Flooding himself in lotion and getting a gel helmet on his hair.

Yes, women love a man who smells good and looks clean. But going to the extreme of bathing in lotion and using so much gel that the hair is stiff, it’s horrible!

If you relax a little, you would do better.

7. Problems with your girlfriend and ending up letting off steam with her.

What started with a: Hello, what’s your name? Can I invite you to a drink and talk to you? …

It ends up becoming a: “Why was she unfaithful if I always loved her!”.