Reasons Why You’ve Never Gotten A Girlfriend

Are you desperate to know how to get a girlfriend fast? Are you tired of being alone?

Don’t you have anyone special with whom you can spend time, share moments, have sex, go out, have fun, etc?

Do not worry, you’re not the only one, many men suffer this situation at some point in their life.

I was there, believe me, I know what you feel, it’s horrible when at family gatherings they ask you: “Don’t you yet have a girlfriend? or a neighbor who says to your mother: “Your son does not have a girlfriend yet? That’s kind of weird.

“Because some guys are successful in getting a girlfriend, but do you have to wait a whole eternity to achieve it?

Are you older than 20 and never had a girlfriend?

In this entry, I’ll tell you the truth of why you do not have a girlfriend and whose fault it is.

See it in full if you really want to have a girlfriend.

Reasons Why You’ve Never Gotten A Girlfriend

1. Timid, introverted and hesitant boy

This is one of the greatest reasons. Many men are shy, introverted and reluctant to approach a girl. So they feel very uncomfortable when approaching any girl. The main reason for this behavior is poor self-esteem and above all fear.

Is it because of how your parents raised you?

Maybe, but blaming them is not going to solve your problem, you are the problem and you are the one who must solve it.

I’m sorry to tell you this but it’s the truth. It hurt me a lot to discover and accept that. If you want to get a girlfriend fast you have to overcome your shyness forever.

2. Mental blocks

It is when you fill your mind with a lot of illogical and unreal questions about yourself, excuses and guilt, that is, an internal dialogue of things that never really happen.

Example, you want to approach a girl and you think “What will she think when I get close? She will give me a blow, I better try another day.

Besides, there’s that boy by his side and he’s more attractive than me and maybe he’s her boyfriend (actually he’s her brother!), “Etc., so by thinking nonsense and going around, you end up with a mental block that does not allow you to be popular with girls.

3. You have zero experience with girls

By not trying anything with any girl your experience with girls is obvious: Zero!

You shield yourself behind fear and excuses, you see a successful boy with a girl and you say: “That boy was born lucky”.

Believe me, it’s not about being born with luck, but about yourself.

You are going the wrong way

Some guys follow a wrong approach and end up receiving a negative from the girl, or worse yet, they do not even have their own approach.

If you want to get a girlfriend you have to stop doing the same thing, or if you’ve never done anything at all it’s time to do something for yourself. You have to change to achieve success with girls.