Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In You

If you have not managed to maintain a stable relationship, it may be due to these reasons:

Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In You

Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In You

Reasons Why Women Lose Interest In You

1. Egocentric:

You talk all the time about yourself, about what you do, about your friends, about your plans, and basically just about you and never about your partner.

It is easy to notice if you are a self-centered man when you notice that you do not know anything about the woman you are dating.

In addition, you always choose the plan for the meeting or you convince her to do only what you want.

2. Different life plans:

In your future plans there is not a single coincidence; one wants to form a family and the other does not even dream, one plans to live abroad and another could not be separated from his family for more than a month, one wants to travel around the world and the other has panic to the planes …

3. Different personalities:

Maybe at first glance, it does not seem like a problem, but the fact that one is introverted and the other extroverted, or one is radical and the other conservative, can begin to create problems from the early stages of the relationship not only among you but in your friend circle.

4. Incompatible friendships:

Being the worst enemy of her friends, or vice versa will end up creating problems between you.

5. Ill-treatment:

Far from being a gentleman, you behave like a boor to the extreme.

6. Little seriousness:

Better known as a “player” in the extreme, while you go out with one at the same time you go out with other women, and it seems that you will never take any woman seriously.

7. Too mysterious:

You just want to talk about her and avoid giving any clue of your private life, work, or family.

So much mystery can only cause in her a terrible distrust difficult to overcome.

8. Macho:

You’re the typical one who enjoys giving orders and being looked after by a woman.

9. Controller:

You want to have control over each of the movements she does, know where, with whom and what she does 24 hours a day.

10. Stingy:

Inviting her to dinner or surprising her with a gift is never among your plans, and in fact, there are times when you have to ask for money for gasoline.

You even prefer to stay at home before paying the bill at a restaurant.