Reasons why women leave men

There are many reasons why women decide to leave their partners, but there are reasons that are stronger than others, for example, toxic behavior or dependence on their mother.

Women also leave men. According to the psychologists, there are situations that women do not let go and are the axis of their decisions. Several websites have developed their ranking, here we present a compendium.

Reasons why women leave men

1. Toxic behaviors.

This reason is powerful. The toxic behaviors of a man such as excessive alcohol, going out with friends every day and having addictions can bother and frustrate a woman a lot. In the same way, they feel suffocated.

2. They feel lonely and abandoned.

Women who feel that the man does not want her does not invite her to go out, does not pay attention to her, ends up throwing in the towel in the relationship.
Especially if the man is not affectionate in intimacy and even does not want to have sex.

3. He cheats her.

It is the most common cause for which a woman leaves her partner.

The deception represents an emotional and psychological damage for the woman.

4. Controlling and jealous.

This reason is also one of the many reasons why women abandon men.

It should not be a pleasant experience to be with a partner who wants to know what you do every second of your day and does not trust you fully.

5. It’s a mom’s son.

Women like men who can stand up for themselves.

If the man is a child and has no opinion of his own, he can make his partner feel insignificant.