Reasons Why Some Women Fake It

Orgasm is a topic that obsesses many. If it does not appear in a sexual relationship, it seems that it is not complete or she has a false concept that it is not gratifying, which may motivate many women to fake pleasure and if it is also a taboo subject, which is not discussed with the partner, it is practically impossible to focus on the here and now, on enjoying physical sensations and giving herself permission to feel pleasure.

There are a series of elements (some socially constructed) that indicate that she is feeling a lot of pleasure: sudden movements, screams, or gasps as “unequivocal” signs of an orgasm. The above may or may not occur, in fact, there are girls who do not make a sound and also enjoy.

Many women fake orgasms, because they have never felt any, they fear to recognize it and to be classified with adjectives that disqualify them. (“Frigid”, “bad lover” and other inappropriate terms).

Another group of girls, even if they know their body and recognize the sensations that are pleasant to achieve orgasms, they decide to fake it at that moment for several reasons, I mention just a few:

Reasons Why Some Women Fake It

1. For stress and worries.

If she has a hectic life, with little rest, with multiple family demands and also has sexual relations, many women, perhaps, find it difficult to connect with the moment of intimacy, they do not get carried away by pleasure and choose to pretend, finish sexual intercourse and rest.

2. To avoid hurting the other person’s feelings.

In this sense, if orgasms are faked, the couple’s behavior is reinforced and they will continue to do the same because they think that their movements, positions, and erotic creativity drive her crazy.

There will be none or little modification in the man’s performance and sexual encounters can become routine. Making him feel like he is a good lover, fattening his self-esteem with false information, which goes against her own pleasure.

3. To strengthen ties with the partner and avoid breakdowns due to sexual incompatibility.

Many women consider that it is better to lie than to break up with their partner for these reasons.