Reasons why she doesn’t fall in love with you

Don’t give up without first knowing what’s wrong.

The days have passed and now you have spent months trying to conquer the woman who drives you crazy and she does not show signs of feeling in love or convinced to be with you? If this is happening to you, it is because something is definitely not flowing the way you want and expect.

Reasons why she doesn’t fall in love with you

There are many reasons why a woman does not fall in love or become more intimate with a man and it has nothing to do with the physical. This goes way beyond what you all think.

Men generally believe that because they have certain characteristics established by some fashions or society, women should fall in love with them. This is what we mean by having an athletic body or being thin, having money, being excessively detailed or dressing as the rules of the male world dictate.

Infatuation focuses more on chemical and biological effects, so sometimes no matter how much you give her or fill her with details, she will feel nothing but gratitude. It is important to have both factors so that love grows in both.

What makes us fall in love with one person and not another is mainly due to two factors, on the one hand, what is known as the biochemistry of love, and on the other, what is derived from the belief system (thought), needs, tastes and personal experiences that complement or resemble ours, explains Ciara Molina, Psychologist and Author of Expressed Emotions, Overcome Emotions.

In another study carried out by Luis Caraballo, Founder of AtracciónLAB, a laboratory that studies the secrets of humanity through expert psychologists, he tells us that one of the most common causes, why she could be rejecting you, is because of her sexual desire.

When a woman feels sexual desire for you … She wants you to touch her body, she wants you to kiss her … And she wants to spend the rest of her life with you … Even if you don’t have some details that you thought were basic to make her fall in love.

And did you think that you would make her fall in love with details? Better pay close attention to the following list as you could discover some of the most common reasons why she does not fall in love with you.

1. You are incongruous with what you say.

If you are the typical man who “conquers” women by words and not by deeds, then let us tell you that this will not last for long. If one day you say ‘I love you’ but the next day you stop looking for her, then don’t expect her to feel real love for you. You may hook her up at first, but then this will be over. And if, on the other hand, you are searching and searching for her, but there are no words of love, she may feel that you only want her for a little while.

2. She is not sexually attracted to you.

Basic! If you feel and realize that she does not want to have sex with you and that she avoids you whenever you want to have a closer encounter, do not think about her anymore and look for another person. Sex is one of the reasons why someone may fall in love with the person.

3. You are not romantic enough.

For a man, it is enough to see a pretty woman with a spectacular body to feel ‘in love’. Instead, women function differently. Romanticism is basic and this is created from your good sense of humor, status, social connections and attention towards her. You have to know how to connect all the dots so that you have a successful relationship.

4. Sees you as a friend.

If the woman you love sees you more as a friend than a man with whom to engage emotionally and sexually, we must tell you that you have it extremely difficult. It is important that you consider from the beginning how you want her to see you, we are not telling you not to advise her, but you have to insinuate her that what you feel for her is not friendship.

5. Wants with another person.

If she sees you as a friend, if you have not had good sex with her and if you are romantic, but you notice that the latter does not move her too much, then surely there is someone else on her mind or in her life and you have not realized it. It is almost impossible to fall in love with someone when the other person is thinking of everything but you.