Reasons why girls prefer to remain single

Many women today are single and not because of luck, but of their own choice. We show you the reasons that lead them to avoid commitments.

More and more girls choose to be alone although there are many guys interested in them. Why do they prefer singleness?

What was once rare today is something usual: a woman, who is over 25 years old, remains single. And many cases are not a matter of luck or lack of opportunities, but a decision of their own.

We show you 5 reasons why more and more women prefer to be alone and avoid love commitments:

Reasons why girls prefer to remain single

1. They are afraid of losing their freedom.

Freedom is everything for them and abandoning it, even partially, causes them anguish.

Having a relationship means giving up a part of her time and her personal life to share with another person, but these women have activities that they like to do alone or with friends and do not want to give up their independence.

2. They hate drama.

Once they have enjoyed the tranquility of being alone, arriving home after work and simply doing what they want without discussing any subject, is priceless.

They prefer to spend their time doing something they like without listening to the complaints of a couple.

3. Bad experiences in the past.

Sometimes an unpleasant relationship leaves a bad taste and prevents women from wanting to have a new partner.

For them, it is preferable to be alone than to have the possibility of going through a bad experience again.

4. Their standards are very high.

They know what they want in a man and are not willing to “waste their time” with someone who does not fit that ideal.

However, sometimes those attributes are very high and the “perfect” person may never appear.

5. Do not waste time looking for love.

They love the life they are leading at a certain moment and do not want that to change.

They have a job they like, they are independent, they enjoy their free time and do not need a partner. Love will come when it must to.