Reasons Why Girls Do Not Answer Your Tinder Message

Technology is supposed to make life easier for us, and in fact, in certain aspects, it has done so. But there are some aspects of life that not even technology facilitates, such as human relations.

The moment of conquest is still tortuous for any human being, to approach, to speak, to wait for approval and to act … A risky process and quite difficult to understand. Technology made an attempt to help us and created Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps in the world.

It works like this: you see photos of people and if you like one of them you send them a heart. If the other person answers you with another heart you can start sending messages. The rest of the story is left to the consideration of those involved.

It is an easy to use App and has a simple conquest mechanism, based on appearance.

However, those moments of seduction become more complex than expected when a girl stops responding to our messages. What happened?

These can be the reasons:

Reasons Why Girls Do Not Answer Your Tinder Message

1. You start a chat with sexting.

If you think talking to a girl about explicit sex is a good idea to get a meeting, you’re very wrong.

The girls are somewhat difficult, but not enough to have no idea what to talk about to them … Do not break the ice talking about the size of your penis or take what she says with double meaning.

If she wants to go to bed with you, you will know, believe me, they are much more direct than you think.

Start the talk based on her interests, for girls appearance is not fundamental, they prefer that there is a wider connection.

2. You do not ask questions.

Sometimes we are a little clueless and we forget the basic things during the conquest, like asking questions!

Many girls I’ve met complain that the boys answer their questions but do not ask any.

It’s something like that, after a girl asks about your hobby you have to answer her and be interested in her hobbies. This way she will not lose interest in you.

3. You do not take the initiative.

If you are interested in a girl you must execute the plan, that is, you know her, you talk and then you meet in person.

If you waste your time waiting for her to ask you, she may feel that you have no interest in her. Find a good opportunity and invite her to go out, if you do not, she will stop answering your messages.

Technology helps those who do not master the art of a Casanova, take advantage of the tools you have and try to conquer the girl of your dreams.

Tell us about your experiences in Tinder!