Reasons Why A Woman Rejects You

The experience of being rejected is something we’ve all been through. We know how painful, embarrassing, and sad it can be to have failed by opening our hearts to a person who attracts us.

Is it me? Was it something I did? Could I still have a chance with her?

Why does a woman reject you?, The 5 main reasons why a woman rejects you are:

Reasons Why A Woman Rejects You

1. She didn’t like your personality.

Right now it may be the most prevalent thought in your head. ‘’ She didn’t physically like me.’’, ‘’ I’m not attractive enough. ’’ You should stop torturing yourself with all those negative thoughts, since none of that may be true, women do not focus so much on the physical but rather on the personality.

There is nothing wrong with your appearance, and rest assured there are hundreds of women who would find you attractive and interesting. Right there is the question:

Just as there are many women who would love to be with you, there are many others who have different tastes.

2. You are not her type.

Each person has different tastes and preferences. On this occasion, the tastes and preferences of the girl you declared to differ from who you are … or from the impression you made on her.

You may be a very outgoing person and she likes shy and reserved men. You may also be an athletic guy and she prefers very thin men.

As for tastes there are never rules and this time it did not work in your favor.

3. Has a boyfriend.

Maybe this girl could really be attracted to you and in other circumstances, she would be happy to give you a chance. Unfortunately, someone is already occupying a place in her heart.

In this case, there is nothing to do. She is in a relationship with another man and is something that must be respected.

4. Not interested in meeting new people.

This girl may simply not be in the mood to start a relationship or have romantic contact with a man.

She just has other priorities right now, she wants to have fun with her friends and focus on her studies or career.

Why does a woman reject you if she is available and you get along? This may be the reason.

Maybe you should let her know you a little better to change her mind. Time will tell.

5. She is still in love with her ex.

What distances her from you may be a previous commitment to another person, the fact that she still thinks about her ex or simply finds something in you that is not attractive to her.