Reasons why a woman rejects a man

If you are not able to handle the fear of rejection, I am sorry to tell you that you will not be successful with women and that you will probably never end up in a relationship with an intelligent, beautiful, incredible woman.

Reasons why a woman rejects a man

Reasons why a woman rejects a man

Reasons why a woman rejects a man

1. Being a stalker.

If you see a beautiful woman sitting there, it is in your nature to look at her often.

Then, you start thinking about how you are going to approach her and what you are going to say to her … In that long process, you keep looking at her more and more.

But she has also already been noticing that you have been watching her all the time.

She will have negative feelings about your behavior and no doubt if you approach her she will reject you.

2. Need.

Most men see a beautiful woman and think “I want to have her” (as if that woman were an object).

When these types of men approach a woman, they are totally committed to the result they want to achieve, and this is not bad, but the problem is that they are determined to do the ‘WHATEVER” necessary to “close the deal”.

And this is where more than 95% of men behave as NEEDY with women … because of this.

They do so many things of little value to have that woman, that the woman notices it, and in her mind, an alarm goes off that tells her … to run!

3. Trying to impress them.

One of the most fundamental needs men have is that they like to impress women.

Some think that money is needed, some go for fame and others think about how they look.

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common reasons why many men are being rejected by a woman.

It does not matter what you believe, but you have to realize that you do not need to do any of those things to impress women.

Women will always be impressed with the man who does not have to even try to impress them.

It is important to keep this in mind.

You have to feel valuable, be confident in yourself and feel that you are good enough to attract any woman.

4. Bad Body Language.

Your body language says much more about you than your words, especially when you approach a woman.

Most men feel the need to force their body language to the point that it is seen that they are acting, they are not being themselves and women are noticing.

They look nervous and tense.

Many women reject a man not because of what he says, but rather because of his bad body language.

That’s why one way to attract women is by using good body language.

And you probably already know what to do, you just have to be more aware of it: walk a little higher, shoulders back, look always ahead.