Reasons why a woman moves away from the man she likes

Women are very enamored and when they are attracted to a man they have great expectations in the attention that men provide them.

But just as they get excited quickly, certain attitudes and behaviors can also make them decide to get away from them quickly.

Women can have many illusions or be attracted to more than one man, but the truth is that they only imagine specifying a relationship with that special person.

These are the main reasons why a woman moves away from the man she likes:

Reasons why a woman moves away from the man she likes


1. He was very egocentric.


When they started going out, their conversation topics focused on him, his achievements, his passions, his worries, his problems, etc.

The truth is that going out with an egocentric man is too boring, maybe he does it to impress the woman, but a woman does not fall in love with men who boast, women want facts!

2. He made sexist comments.


Today more than ever, women are more independent and with very clear goals.

For women, too much masculine pride has already stayed in the past and if he starts talking as if men were superior, stronger, smarter, capable, etc., women will tell them GOODBYE!

3. She detected many “pious lies”.


Remember that what starts badly ends badly.

A pious lie has nothing wrong, but if she starts detecting that you have that bad habit of lying or hiding things, getting away is the best decision she could have made.

4. You did not show a real interest.


All women want to feel important in the life of that man they like, they hope that men enamore them and surprise them with details, they do not ask wonders, a text message to wake up is enough to steal a smile.

If women detect that men are going out with them just to occupy their free time … they will get away immediately.

5. He did not meet her expectations.


A woman always seeks to feel safe next to a man and not only focusing on a theme of loyalty and fidelity, but also in life.

They want a man who struggles to be better every day, who does not conform and has clear goals in his life if not, it is very likely that he will only remain in a taste.