Reasons why a woman moves away from a man

At some point in their lives, women have had to flirt to attract the attention of the guy that attracts them with the main goal of knowing him and knowing more about him, but if at one point she left him, perhaps it was because he wasn’t what she expected, for this reason, we present you 12 reasons why women stop dating a man.

Reasons why a woman moves away from a man

1. When she met him, she realized that he was not the one who thought.


What happens is that the woman moves away from a man to know that in reality is a guy who turned out to be the opposite or different from what she wants as a couple.

2. She got tired of waiting.


If the flirtations were not enough, the woman moves away from that man because she got tired of throwing flowers at a guy who does not even look at her that way.

3. She realized that he is in love with another woman.


When a man is conquered by another woman, there is no choice but to walk away, since it is not worth trying to flirt or seduce him.

4. Met a more interesting man.


That happens when the man lets time pass, meanwhile, the woman continues to meet people and without knowing it, there is a boy who gives himself up completely.

If he is more interesting, she will decide for him without any doubt.

5. She felt hurt by a comment about her personality.


Rejection is the worst that a woman can go through.

She will not change for a man to like her.

If she was the one who took the first step, she wants to be valued just as she is.

For that reason, she will go away, since she is not of the liking of that man that hurt her.

6. Offended her with indifference.


That is, behave like a slob that does not want to be caressed, taken by the hand or kissed in any situation.

Being indifferent only causes her to get away from that man and decides to give her love and passion to another.

7. Sex was very bad.


Physical attraction is not enough to start a relationship.

You have to have a good intimacy or sex to maintain interest in a loving bond with future.

That’s why women can get away from a man.

8. Being afraid to fall in love.


That is, that woman needs time for herself to forget the wounds of her past.

As much as he is the ideal guy who wants a serious relationship, he will have to understand and wait to have her again as his partner.

9. Notes that he is an immature man.


Some mistakes can be forgiven, but when they are caused by immaturity they gradually disappoint women.

10. Feeling insecure when next to him.


What gives insecurity to a woman is when the man asks for things from her, but does not want to explain the reason.

Also, it gives that sensation not being able to have a fluent conversation to know each other better or that is always answered with a question.

Avoiding telling the life you have or had does not help at all.

11. When she notices that he is a man without goals or aspirations.


The attractiveness of a man is not everything.

That is why it happens that women can dare to flirt, but soon disillusion because they realize that their handsome companion has no goals or aspirations.

12. She is bothered by intense men.


When a man wishes to have a relationship soon after having met a girl, that is defined by women as an “intense man”.

You do not have to say “I love you” on the second day or week and the worst thing would be to propose that the lucky girl meet his parents.

If the woman started flirting, mentioning those issues is to push her away.