Reasons why a woman leaves the man she loves

These are some things that make a woman rethink her relationship.

Reasons why a woman leaves the man she loves

1. She is not herself.

Somehow when she is with you she feels she can not be the way she is, she puts limits on her actions and behaviors.

Not necessarily because you do not “let her be”, it’s just that she feels that she can not be like that with you.

2. You have become someone else.

Suddenly you behave and act in a very different way from the one you were when you met and you took off a mask that you had before.

3. She likes someone else and does not want to cheat on you.

Just as men are attracted to other girls and choose to be unfaithful, women may like another man while they have a relationship.

However, there are those who prefer to finish everything before lying and irreparably harming third parties.

4. She does not want to give more explanations.

She is tired of you being jealous of her, of watching all her movements, of your calls asking “where and with whom she is” and of your comments disapproving of her actions.

5. There is too much pressure.

“For when is the wedding?”, “we Would look very good as dads” and other comments have made her think about her future and maybe she realized that she does not want you to be part of it.

6. She does not see a future with you.

Somehow when she thinks about the future she does not see you in it and that makes her rethink several things in her relationship, she prefers to cut everything before continuing and hurt you.

7. She does not grow with you.

Her professional goals and personal growth are stuck with you by her side.

She loves you, but her priority is herself and she will not stagnate for you.

8. She sees you as too committed and she does not feel the same.

She still does not feel ready to live with you, she does not want to plan long-term trips together because she still does not feel committed to that level.

She probably does not want to be unfair by refusing you to take that step, but she does not feel ready to do it either.

9. She has in mind a plan that does not include you.

She won a scholarship, she was offered a job in another country or she planned a trip of several months since before you met.

You are not contemplated in whatever her plan is and she knows that she does not want a relationship at a distance.

10. Because although you are what she always wanted, she does not want it anymore.

You were once, she wished you like no one and she waited a long time to find you, but things changed: she changed and does not want the same anymore.