Reasons why a woman leaves a man even if he is the love of her life

An intelligent woman who loves herself leaves a man without hesitation.

It is not that it is the fault of men and it does not use the trite phrase that “All men are the same” to argue her decision; she just does not want to be with him.

She does not hurt anyone on purpose, she is just a human being who changes, advances, back away, sinks and navigates in her own personal conflicts.

She loved that man, and probably still loves him, but still decides to leave him and these are her motives:

Reasons why a woman leaves a man even if he is the love of her life

1. Because she is no longer herself.

Somehow when she is with that man she feels that she can not be the way she is, she puts limits on her actions and behaviors.

Not necessarily because they do not “let her be”, it’s just that she feels that she can not express herself freely.

2. Because she does not like what her partner became.

He has changed, as we all do, but she did not learn to love that new version of that man.

3. Because she likes someone else.

Just as men are attracted to other women and choose to be unfaithful, women may like another while they have a relationship.

4. Because she is sure that he will wait for her.

Knows that you will always be there for her and feels the freedom to get away to return when she is ready.

5. Because she is tired of having a relationship.

Just as sometimes loneliness exhausts her, spending her time with a man already bored her to the point that she feels empty.

6. Because she does not like to give explanations.

She is annoyed that a man is always jealous of her, that he watches all her movements, her calls, and asking “where and with whom she is”.

7. Because she wants to have sex with other men.

Nothing is strange or negative about it, much more if it is a relationship of years that monotony has harmed; she prefers to get away from you to seek sexual fulfillment, instead of cheating and hurting you.

8. Because she feels pressured.

She is tired of always hearing the same phrases: “When is the wedding?”, “When are the children?”

And other comments that have made her think about her future and maybe she realized that she does not want to be with a man.

9. Because she plans her future without a man.

Somehow when she thinks about the future she does not see herself as someone’s partner and that makes her rethink several things in her relationship, prefers to cut everything before continuing and hurting her partner.

10. Because the relationship is stable, but she is not.

You can be well together, but if she goes through an emotional crisis, being alone will seem the best decision.

11. Because she does not grow with you.

She has professional and personal goals that, over the years, she realized that it is impossible to share with a man.

12. Because her partner is committed and she is not.

Perhaps her partner proposed to take the relationship to another level and is something she did not expect at that time.

She probably does not want to be unfair when she does not make the jump in the relationship, but she does not feel ready to do it either.

13. Because she has a goal.

She won a scholarship, was offered a job in another country or planned a trip, this could have been before meeting her partner and she realized that it could be an obstacle to fulfill her goals.

14. Because although he is the love of her life, she loves herself more.

You once were, she desired you like no one and she waited a long time to find you, but things change: she changed and does not want the same anymore.