Reasons Why A Woman Does Not Want To Have Sex With You

Doesn’t your partner want to have sex with you?

It is important that you detect the reason for her attitude because it is a message that should not be ignored.

Reasons there are many and very varied, and depending on which is, the problem can be of greater or lesser severity.

That’s why you need to know what are the reasons why a woman usually refuses to have sex with her man and try to identify which one best fits in your situation.

Your relationship can be dependent on it.

Reasons Why A Woman Does Not Want To Have Sex With You

1. She is fatigued.

Maybe it all comes down to the fact that she works very hard and does not arrive with strength for sex.

If this is the case you need to reorganize your life so that she has some more free time and has more energy.

If the desire for you has not diminished, the solution is simple: collaborate a little more in the house chores so that she has time to relax when she gets home.

I’m sure she’ll thank you with torrid sex sessions like the ones you had before.

2. Does not have fun in bed.

Here it is necessary to improve your communication and be totally sincere, even if your ego may be damaged.

Maybe you’re going to yours and do not worry enough to satisfy her? Or maybe you did not ask her what she likes?

There are women who do not open easily on the subject of sex and are reluctant to tell their fantasies or what gives them more pleasure.

Make sure you know what excites her and put it into practice!

3. She is angry with you.

Women do not change the chip as easily as men, nor are they able to separate sex from other issues of daily life.

If you spend the day arguing, or if she is upset with you for some reason, do not expect sex to be unaffected.

It’s her way of telling you that you have a problem to solve.

4. She wants to put you to the test.

Relationships are a pulse of power, especially in their early stages.

There are women who use sex to test their partners and check their reaction, so they can assess to what extent they are in control.

If you think that is your case, measure your steps very well. If she wins, you will be at her mercy for the duration of your relationship.

Do not let yourself be manipulated and assert yourself: make it clear that she is not the only woman in the world with whom you can have sex, and that if she denies you, it will not be difficult for you to find it somewhere else.

5. She wants to get something from you.

Another way to manipulate you is by using sex as a reward or punishment so that she can manipulate you so that you always fulfill all her wishes.

Maybe she asked you for a very expensive treat and you said no, and as a result, now she denies sex.

Beware of the type of woman you have by your side because it is very likely that her interest in you does not go beyond the material.

6. She cannot keep up with your rhythm.

Another possible reason for her to deny sex is that her rhythm and yours are different.

Maybe you need to do it every day and she only once or twice a week.

If she agrees to your wishes, she finds herself uncomfortable because she does it without desire, and before sex ends up causing her rejection, she prefers to refuse.
If you think this is the case, you have to talk to her and ask her.

Maybe you should contain your desire and limit the number of times you look for sex so that she is not pressured and is more receptive.

7. She is unfaithful.

Sadly, this is a possibility that can not be left aside.

If she has another man in her head, she will be unable to do it with you, not even to cover appearances.

Most likely, she makes up all sorts of excuses while looking for a way to have everything tied up before she leaves you, so get up and do not let her take the initiative.

With all the dissimulation you can start monitoring her calls and verifying her movements. Although if she has decided to leave you, there is not much you can do.