Reasons not to be friends with your ex

After a couple breakup, it is time to make decisions.

One of the most important is to mark the distance from that story to turn the page.

However, many people prolong the attachment through the message “we can be friends”.

What are the reasons for not believing in the false illusions of friendship when they are preceded by the sentimental disappointment of the rupture?

Reasons not to be friends with your ex

1. A bad start for friendship.

A positive friendship is one that is born from a pleasant experience.

Two people know each other and have the desire to share time together.

However, when a friendship is born after a breakup, this fact does not mark a pleasant beginning for a free and hopeful feeling like friendship.

Often at this point, one or both of them have contradictory feelings, disappointment, and resentment. An unpromising starting point for a friendship bond.

2. False expectations.

Being a friend of your ex after the break can lead you to keep alive the hope of returning to the previous point at some point.

You can also produce wrong expectations. The distance is very positive to turn the page. Because this is what proceeds after the break: turn the page of that fact.

3. You do not advance in your life.

When you are still friends with your ex after the breakup, this attitude may lead you to live in the past as a safe scenario that you know well.

Mourning the break is a way to move in the desired direction: the present. It is very possible that by being friends after the break you are prolonging in time a situation of dissatisfaction and unhappiness for fear of knowing the strangeness of the destination.

A breakup of a couple positions you before the opportunity to make new decisions. Face the situation in the present.

4. Avoid the excuses.

This is the main reason for not being friends with your ex. Break with those excuses that lead you to be at that point.

That is, break with ideas that lead you to keep the illusion alive: “Maybe she will realize what she feels for me”, “I can not live without her”, “we have many friends in common” …

These excuses do not they let you grow and lead you to live a limited situation of disenchantment.

That does not mean that friendship with an ex is impossible. But it is advisable that in the first stage of the break, each one has their own space and make their own life.

5. Fear of loneliness.

After a couple breakup, some people feel the abyss of fear of loneliness.

For this reason, at this vital point, it is advisable not to make the decision to be a friend of the ex by a solitude lived in a negative way.

If you live a breakup, you have the opportunity to improve the bond with yourself.

Also, when you are still friends with your ex because of this fear, you are delaying the start of the grief that is so necessary to heal the wound of recent disappointment.