Questions You Should Never Ask Your Girlfriend

If you don’t want to make your girlfriend angry, then better know what are the questions you should never ask her.

Communication in the couple is the basis for a stable and healthy relationship. Also, it is a good sign that they are in the best moment, there is trust and they are for each other.

Questions You Should Never Ask Your Girlfriend

Ok, it is very cool that there are too much certainty and security in your relationship, but even if this happens, there are certain questions or comments that women never see coming and are usually annoying or inappropriate.

Pay attention to the 10 questions that you should never ask your girlfriend and dodge the bad times.

1. Are you gaining weight?

It is the worst question a woman can be asked. By nature, women are very dramatic and when men make such a comment to them, they immediately go down and panic.

And well, do not forget that they can also become exaggerated by giving importance to something so insignificant. You need to take care of the intention of your arguments. Maybe there is someone out there who is dieting under the table …

2. You are in your days?

Women have enough with their period for someone, with a couple of comments, to make it even heavier. Questions of this type are not appropriate, women just need to be pampered.

3. Do I take you home?

With several women, I have shared the theory that even if it is date number 912,561, men should never lose the charm and good details. If a woman goes out with a guy who has a car, the worst question a man can ask is that. Well of course!

And if not, there are other options. Obviously, there is also the opposite side of the matter; Some couples reach agreements and this part of taking the girl home is not so serious. It is very valid!

4. Questions on sex.

Did you like it? Did I do it well?

These are the questions that put an end to desire and passion. They are so out of place that even though you had a great time together, you overwhelm her and spoil everything.

5. How many men have you been with?

Asking these kinds of questions is sometimes of bad taste. Women are reserved, which means that they prefer to avoid this topic, much more with their partner. They get to feel very committed and at the same time, it is a subject that many feel sorry for, not forgetting that when it comes to sex and women, they are terribly judged.

6. Interrogation when she goes out with her friends.

It usually happens that when women have a partner they put aside their friends even if they don’t realize it. So when she finally gets to meet them, the worst thing men can do is asking; Who is going with you? Are men going too? How many?

It’s exhausting!

7. Why aren’t you like _______?

Women hate comparisons, there is nothing cool about making comments or questions like this. You make her feel as if she has no special place or as if what she does, what she is or says is not enough.

8. Did you take so long doing that?

This question applies when they are getting ready for him or when he accompanies her to buy something. Men should appreciate the effort women make to look beautiful for them. It’s not nice that you question her like that, you make her feel bad. Understand the part that putting makeup on and grooming her hair really takes time and dedication.

9. Are you going to wear that?

I consider that this question only applies when her outfit is not suitable for the place where you will go. If not, don’t ask. The point comes where you make her doubt her decisions, have a bad time and feel super weird.

10. Are you going to eat all that?

If she is a good eater, this is one of the questions that get her out of her boxes. And well, also apply small details such as “Where do you want to go?” or What do you want to do?

These don’t totally bother them, but most of the time women hope men to surprise them.