Questions to seduce

To conquer women it is vital to be able to start fun conversations. However, more is needed to be able to connect emotionally with them. Questions are needed to seduce.

Although you must be prepared to hold 80% of the conversation, they need to talk about themselves. And that they talk about something more than what they like to do on Sundays or what they work on.

You have to make her talk about her feelings.

The simplest way for her to talk about what she feels is to ask her, but you must do it indirectly so she can do it without feeling uncomfortable.

Seduction teachers consider the questions as a means to connect. But for this, the questions must be framed within a game.

The seducer community uses this 4-question game to connect with the girls.

It is a game in which she responds in a symbolic way to your questions and you interpret her answer. The girl will feel a lot of connection with you because you will talk to her about things she feels and may not know.

Questions to seduce

1. If you planned your own death, what would it be like? How old would you be? What would your funeral be like?

When a person talks about how it wants to die lets you see how she wants to live.

This is a great topic to establish what they both have in common. In addition, you will also give her the opportunity to talk about how she lives now and how she would like to do it in 5 or 10 years.

2. If you could be any animal, what would you be? And if you had to marry an animal of another species, which would you choose?

The symbolism of animals is very simple.

She will choose for herself and her partner animals of characteristics that she admires about herself and her most recent (or current) partner.

If she tells you that she wants to be a bird, for example, it means he seeks greater freedom.

If she chooses a dog as a husband, it means that she values her partner’s loyalty very much.

3. If you could choose two people from different eras as your parents, who would they be?

If she chooses her current parents, it means that she has very positive feelings towards her family.

But if she chooses a historical character, she is suggesting some quality that she misses during his upbringing and that she would like her children to enjoy.

4. You can travel to any space or time and choose 3 places to visit. Which would be? And if you could take a trip without a return, where would you go?

The places she indicates here signals what she would like to enjoy if she were stress-free and without limitations, such as adventure or risk.

On the other hand, the place where she would like to stay suggests the emotions with which she feels most comfortable – such as tranquility or solitude, for example.