Questions to excite a woman through text messages

With the following tips, you will know how to use in your favor the great advantages that cell phones offer today.

Everything will go in your favor if you know how to use these text messages to excite a woman correctly.

Then I will show you some questions that you can ask her and achieve your goal.

Questions to excite a woman through text messages

Question 1. Are you alone?


This is an excellent question, to begin with, as this will ensure you do not make a fool of yourself afterwards, in front of one of her friends or whoever, but if that is the case and she answers you that she is indeed accompanied, answer that you would like to be there with her.

Question 2. Do you like to be hugged when you are in bed?


It is important to start small, this question will help you maintain an image of a gentleman, flirting without exceeding the limits.

Question 3. What are you wearing?


With this question you will create a much more intimate environment and also you will be able to realize if she also wants to reach something else, without being rude, at the moment she responds you answer that “I can already imagine how beautiful you look with that on”.

Question 4. If I could touch somewhere that you would get hot, what would it be?


This question goes directly to the point, you can excite her and write to her to imagine you at that moment touching her in that “part” of her body.

Question 5. If I were whispering these questions to your ear, would I turn you on?


When you get to this question obviously you have already advanced a lot and probably she is already thinking of you in another way, but anyway it is important to know the answer of herself.

Well these are the text messages to excite a woman, remember that you must move forward little by little, another piece of advice is to ask her one last question about whether she would like a man to be able to accompany her at that moment, and if she says yes, Do not hesitate to go running to her house.