Qualities that make a man sexy

Attraction can be something subjective, but these characteristics are what most women find irresistible.

A study conducted by David Buss and Cindy Meston of the Sex Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas found 6 qualities that make a man sexy according to most of the women involved in the study.

These qualities are the most outstanding for their incidence in the matter of tastes.

Qualities that make a man sexy

1- Aroma.

When a woman looks at a man that no one else finds attractive, it is because her sense of smell unconsciously identifies a genetic compatibility that indicates that he is a good match for reproduction.

To accentuate this point, David and Cindy said that smell guides women as much as men’s sight to choose a partner.

2- Complexion.

Women prefer men taller than themselves, but there must be a balance so that both can kiss, that is to say, that the woman should not be jumping to reach the man and that the man does not have to bend over to reach the woman.

3- Voice.

The low tone is more attractive to women, they consider that a deep voice is a sensual voice.

4- Personality.

This is a topic that has caused all kinds of answers and jokes due to the level of complexity that has been found in the requests of women.

For them, an attractive personality is that of a confident man, friendly and “positive”, with a good sense of humor.

5- Kinesia.

Kinesia refers to non-verbal communication based on gestures and body expression.

A man who moves safely and knows how to dance is an attractive man.

6- Showing some skin.

Having an athletic body does not work if they can not appreciate it even if it’s just a little to leave the rest to the imagination.

(Source: https://www.enterate.mx)