Qualities Of True Love

A Buddhist monk mentions one of the ingredients in the recipe for love.

Love is said to be a force in life and like all energy, it manifests itself in different ways. If you want to distinguish love in its purest state then you have to define or identify all the ingredients that make up this state or feeling.

To do this, the famous Buddhist monk from Vietnam, Thich Nhat Hanh tells us that true love can be distinguished from anyone by the way it is expressed, felt, and in all cases given away.

For the monk, true love is capable of making you suffer less and those around you also experience less suffering. Besides, it generates joy, in case it does not happen, we will hardly be talking about love. We all want to know the magic recipe of love, although it is true that no one has found it, for this monk, these are some of the ingredients that it undoubtedly contains:

Qualities Of True Love

1. Goodness.

We must be attentive to the feelings of the other and do everything possible so that they do not get hurt. When we watch over our partner we show her that we really care, which makes the other party imitate us and nurture love.

Seeing for the stability of both our partner and the people around her will make the relationship healthy. When we seek the welfare of others we become unforgettable people for all who know us. So be kind and understandable to the person you love.

2. Joy.

We have been told that love hurts, and believing this we endure many things or enter into toxic relationships that only give us suffering. You must know that such a pure and great feeling can not cause you any kind of suffering, if it does, it is definitely not loving.

Although it is true that all relationships go through problems, moments of anguish are usually fewer. In a relationship, both members of the couple must be satisfied and happy with the union, if the opposite happens, they will undoubtedly not stay together much longer.

3. Compassion.

It is important that we are empathetic with our partner and understand those things that plague her and that in some cases may be insignificant for us. When we lack understanding one of the members feels undervalued.

In healthy relationships, everyone looks out for the well-being of their partner. It shows that you are aware of the suffering and in many cases of the effort of the other.

4. Inclusivity.

Taking your partner into account will help your emotional bonds to be strengthened. For everything, you must take into account the opinion, the wishes, and above all the presence of the person you consider the love of your life.

It is healthy for everyone to have their space, but when it comes to making important decisions, doing some activities, and planning your personal future, you should always include the other person. Remember that you are now a team so what you both think or do is important to the relationship.

Although the love formula is not yet been written, it undoubtedly has some of those qualities that in all cases make a couple achieve a healthy, harmonious, lasting, and above all happy union. Everyone’s wish!